Meet John, he’s the Pricing Manager. He wants to do something extra special for his customers, like multiple discounts.

What’s his struggle?

He wishes he could offer:

  • a standard 30-day promo
  • key customer discount
  • a bonus discount for those who buy more than 1 item
  • anything else he can dream up🤔

Right now he can’t offer any extra discounts for his customers. It’s pretty much a one-and-done scenario.

All he can do is apply:

  • one discount
  • one item at a time

There is a way he can do all of it, he just needs some help from a specific pricing engine known as Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).

With RPM for Acumatica he now can:

  • give the VIP treatment
  • create as many discounts for one item as he wants
  • incentivize those loyal customers

You now have the flexibility to offer those discounts or promos for your special customers to give them a little something extra when they purchase an item or service from you.

Ready to give your customers VIP treatment?

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Unit of Measure and Rounding

Let’s talk about advanced features. This includes the unit of measure and rounding. This pricing strategy is for all who need to sell a certain number of pieces per pound or number of pounds per case. We are going back to math class with this one.

Choosing Units

The unit that is chosen all depends on how the product is packaged and sold. If sold by weight, you can use ounces, pounds, kilograms or 100-g units. Selling by dry volume, use dry pints, dry quarts, liters, or 100-ml units. If sold by liquid volume, use fluid ounces, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, or 100-ml units. If the product is sold by count, the unit is each individual item in the package.

Let’s see some examples

Unit of Measure – pounds

Units of Measure Window

You can break it down individually, by pack, or by case.

  • 1 can of soda
  • 12 pack of soda
  • 1 case of soda or 24 pack

How about poultry or chicken. They can be in a case, but you can break it down by pound. Even a landscape or concrete supply distributor can do it by pounds/tons of dirt or sand.

There are so many ways and types you so just want to make sure your pricing system can handle whatever it is.

Time to Round-up

Or round down. There are many ways you can. It all depends on what you want the final cost to be based on the different pricing strategies you are using.

How about these rounding options:

  • To the nearest .99
  • To the nearest nickel
  • Round up or round down
  • Out to 5 significant digits

Rounding Rule

What can RPM do

Not trying to downplay your ERP. It is great for all the basics like Finance and Accounting, Marketing and CRM functionality, Human Resources, and Inventory.

But we could all use a little help from our fellow ISVs when it comes to things like Payroll, Warehouse Management, and Pricing. There are so many other solutions to help us grow, run our business, and automate manual processes.

Rockton Pricing Management or RPM can help:

  • Track multiple units of measure by item
  • Calculate per item per pound price adjustment even though you may be selling it by the case
  • Convert by the unit of measure on a per item basis
  • Round up or down, out to 5 digits


Pricing strategies and features come in all shapes and sizes. If you stuck with us and viewed all of our blogs, you can see and learn why. If not, check them out.

Pricing revenue management is not one size fits all and it’s certainly not the same for every industry.

When putting these strategies in place you need to think about not only your product or service and industry but can your ERP handle it?

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