Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Angie

Rockton Life

I will be celebrating 3 years as Marketing Manager with Rockton this summer.  I feel tremendously fortunate to have found this amazing group of people to work with.  I consider myself lucky to have always worked for small, tightly knit companies that place the highest priority on having a good culture. Joining this team felt like coming home.

Life Advice

Keep a loose grip and a good sense of humor.

What helped you survive COVID quarantine?

My family certainly knocked a few of the quarantine cliché’s off the list, but I still have yet to make bread from scratch or learn to brew beer in my bathtub 😊

  • Nintendo. Specifically Animal Crossing. My daughter was in first grade when we went into lockdown and Animal Crossing was the source of endless hours of fun for us. Not only was it creative bonding for us, but it also helped us stay connected with family across the country.
  • A pandemic puppy. We already have a bit of a zoo with a dog, cat, and two birds, but we couldn’t resist bringing a new family member home when we knew she would get the most attention possible.
  • A home upgrade. Nothing like record-low mortgage rates, an unhealthy fixation with Zillow, and being trapped in your house 24/7 to convince you the best time to buy a new home is under quarantine. Added bonus: we were able to spend time with someone outside our bubble, our real estate agent.

How do you break up your work-from-home routine?

I love working from home.  For most of my adult life, I have worked from home to some degree, so this wasn’t much of an adjustment for me.  It can be a bit much at times to balance being constantly surrounded by work and family life. A few things that have helped me:

  • Walks. That pandemic puppy sure has come in useful here.  I start my morning every day with a walk around the neighborhood and every afternoon with a long walk on the nature trails.
  • Loving my workspace. I have tried to make my office/studio space a place I love to be.  It is filled with plants, books, art, and all of my creative endeavors.  We are still getting settled into our new home so making this space my own has been a fun ongoing project.

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Alicia

Hello Folks!

It is I – the voice of Rockton’s webinars and demos. I’ve been manning the booth and flying the friendly skies for Rockton Software for 10 YEARS in November.

10 Years – holy cow!. I used to change jobs ALL. THE. TIME. I guess Rockton just felt like home, so I stayed.

The people here are like family and they totally get me.

The customers and partners in the channel, are my people. I don’t see myself working anywhere else unless it’s for Rockton, from a beach.

So here’s a little bit about me.

The Q&A

What 1-3 things got/getting you through covid?

  • Wine – I developed a deep love of prosecco
  • Streaming Services – cuz we all did
  • My Group – we picked our humans who we couldn’t live without and we’d take turns making Monday Munch or Sunday Socials to keep ourselves sane. Our kids are all the same age and have grown up together, so to not see them was like missing a sibling.

What TV show you are binging?

  • I watch murder shows. To fall asleep. Totally creeps my husband out.

What is your must-have food?

  • If I have cheese, I can survive anything.

Favorite pastime?

  • Sitting on the pontoon at night listening to music with friends and family.

Random share

  • I keep a notebook on my phone full of funny quotes from trips, golf nights and just the day in general. Anytime I need a laugh, I can read through them and I know right where I was at when something brightened up my day.
  • I am physically unable to chew sunflower seeds. I look like I’m choking and as a baseball parent, it’s both embarrassing and ridiculous since the majority of the season is spent passing around a bag of them. Pretty much everyone knows just to hand it around me now.

2 truths and 1 lie

  • I know how to milk a goat
  • I know how to operate a bulldozer
  • I have a thing for craft beers

Covid music playlist

  • I started listening to off-the-wall country rap and I LOVE IT. Reminds me of gravel roads and fields full of pickups.

First job?

  • I was a lifeguard and a swimming instructor at a local college.

Best adulting advice

  • Don’t take anything too seriously. Almost any situation can be addressed with some humor and that makes everything more palatable. Also, life isn’t all about work and the next big thing. Spend it while you have it, take the trip, make the memories. You never know who you’ll make an impact on when you do.

Something you like about working remotely?

  • I absolutely LOVE working from home. So much so that I haven’t fully worked in an office in more than 15 years. I like the option to check on a crockpot while I kick off a webinar. I love that my “daughter” Waffles, can sleep next to me and I can give her pets whenever I want. I love that my husband hand delivers a tea to my desk every single morning before he goes to work and that I always get to tell my boys I love them on their way out the front door.

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Jenn

Here at Rockton Software, I could be called a Jane of all trades, master of none.  Funny sidebar, did you realize the entire quote is ‘A Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one?’ I didn’t know that, until recently when another Rocktonite enlightened me. 😊

Instead of boring you with my detailed work history, or how I’m a busy mom white-knuckling my way through the teenage years, I thought I would instead share a few random tidbits with you.

What do you love about working at Rockton?

  • I love the culture and team we have built. I love how we work so hard to care for our team. I love working with a group of people who are not just passionate about customer service but live it each day.  I love seeing the impact a small group of people, who deliver services and create and deliver products, can have in peoples’ business lives. Mostly, yes I know it is corny and cliché, I love my team, our adventures, and the memories we have made over the years.

How many years have you been working in the channel?

  • I got started SUPER early – 20+yrs

Years with Rockton?

  • I’ve been with Rockton Software for 16 years. I started at Great Plains, as an intern on the Recruiting Team then moved over into support and was a Technician on the HRP Support Team. I don’t miss Payroll Year End.

Best adulting advice:

  • You don’t truly know how you will handle anything until you are actually in it/doing it.

Favorite pastime?

  • I have many. Pretty much anything social – time with my family/friends, time at our family cabin, traveling, hiking, and so on. I’m pretty much up for most adventures. With me, they typically turn into some crazy story.  With 3 active kids, you will typically find me at a soccer field, a barn, or at a local rodeo ground.  I also enjoy working out and reading.

Quote share:

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has ~ Margaret Mead
  • Don’t try to win over the haters, you are not a jacka$$ whisperer ~ Brene Brown

What TV show you are binging?

  • I’m not sure you could call it binging, but I’m re-watching Ted Lasso with my oldest (15yr), Schitt’s Creek with my middle (13yr) and This is Us with my little (11yr).

Favorite game:

  • As a family, we play 7-up-7-down (cards), Uno, Life, Clue, and Monopoly.

What books are on your nightstand/desk?

  • BE 2.0 – Jim Collins
  • Dare to Lead – Brene Brown
  • The Power of Moments – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek
  • Live Love Now: Relieve the Pressure and Find Real Connection with Our Kids – Rachel Macy Stafford

2 truths and 1 lie:          

  • I used to be a cosmetologist
  • I have 3 siblings, 3 kids, and 6 nieces and nephews
  • I have 8 tattoos

Funny memory that is unique to 2020-present?

  • It took me until this week to jump on the ‘baking homemade bread during COVID’ train. I bought a sourdough starter.  Let’s see how this experiment will turn out.  Fingers crossed!

What is your must-have food?

  • Veggies & dip and chocolate, of course.

Favorite recipe share:

Bean Dip/Cowboy Caviar:

    • 1 Can corn – white & yellow
    • 1 can blk beans w/lime & jalapenos
    • 1 can pinto beans
    • 1 can blk-eyed peas

Drain all the above and rinse the blk beans if you would like a milder salsa

    • 1 cup chopped green peppers
    • 1 cup chopped red peppers
    • 1 cup chopped celery
    • 1 cup chopped onion
    • Handful of chopped cilantro


    • ¾ cup sugar
    • 1 tsp salt
    • ½ tsp pepper
    • ¾ cup vinegar
    • ½ cup oil

Mix all ingredients together and chill to blend flavors

Random share:

  • My dream job is to be a Beach Bum Rockstar who works for the Peace Corps
  • Curiosity killed the cat – I don’t believe it for a minute. Do you know originally it was ‘care killed the cat’ and by care they meant ‘worry/sorrow,’ which I can get on board with.  In my opinion, true curiosity is the Golden Ticket.

Do you want to offer multiple discounts, but not sure how to calculate the price? Do you want to add a fee on top of that? What if you want to track margins or rebates or royalties? Plus, you want all of them to track to their own specific financial account without having to manually go in and adjust those accounts. Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) can do that work for you. Set it up once, and your part is done.

When you use RPM, you can set up as many Price Calculations, or discounts, as you need to adjust the price of your items. A Price Calculation adjusts the price based on whether you want to increase or decrease the price or not affect the price at all. The best thing though, is that each of these calculations can be assigned their own GL account.

For example, say you need to show three separate discounts plus a packaging fee for an item. To calculate multiple discounts, you would have the following Price Calculations created.

  • 5% Customer Discount
  • 3% Winter Sale Discount
  • 1% Special Item Discount
  • $5 Packaging Fee

So, How Do You Calculate Multiple Discounts Using Multiple GL Accounts?

Let’s go through the setup of a Price Calculation.

  1. Under the Pricing menu, open Price Calculations and click Add New.
  2. Enter a specific Price Calculation Name. Make sure it is descriptive, so you know what the Price Calculation is used for on the Price Schedule.
  3. Select a Price Mode Option. In this example, use Percent Adjustment.
  4. Mark Modify Unit Price. This means the Price Calculation changes the Unit Price by the amount calculated.

Note: If you have more than one Price Calculation you can mark From the Base Unit Price if you want each calculation to calculate from the Base Unit Price. If unmarked, each Price Calculation calculates based on the last calculated price.

  1. In the Percent field, enter the Percent Discount. In this example, enter -5.
  2. Click the Tracking tab and mark the Track Adjustments check box. This tells RPM to add the line in Acumatica.
  3. Select the Debit and Credit GL Accounts where you want the discount to post.
  4. Save and close the screen.

The Price Calculation should look like this screenshot. Note the Tracking section.

Calculate Multiple Discounts in GL

Multiple Discounts Calculator in GL

When you create a Price Calculation for the fee, follow the same steps, except select Fixed Adjustment for the Price Mode Option. You are then able to enter the amount of the fee.

After all the Price Calculations are created and the appropriate GL accounts are assigned, add the Price Calculations to the Price Schedule.

Now that the Price Calculations are created and assigned to the Price Schedule, all you need to do is enter transactions in Acumatica. As the transactions are entered, Acumatica and RPM work together seamlessly to calculate the price and make those adjustments to the financial accounts.

Multiple Discounts Calculation

In this example, the financial accounts are not editable, however, in RPM you have the option to make these lines editable. This allows you the ability to change the accounts and amounts used on the transaction. It’s another way RPM offers flexibility to meet your pricing needs.

Making adjustments to your pricing, even having to calculate multiple discounts, is easy and super flexible in RPM. Simply set the financial account on the Price Calculation and forget it.

If you would like more information on RPM or would like to see a demo, contact us at or call 877-4ROCKTON.

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Mark

Like so many others, the pandemic (and a recent milestone birthday) have had me contemplating the meaning of life, the value of time, the value of money, and stuff that really matters.  And while I’ve explored enough of these questions to write a novel, I wanted to share something I found meaningful to me related to Justice, an important virtue I highly value.

I’m a huge fan of the Bail Project (, whose goal is to end mass incarceration, free as many people as possible, and fuel momentum for equal justice.  It was eye-opening to do a little research and see that the US system of incarceration, one of the worst globally, has an originally well-intended but incredibly flawed bail system that disproportionately suppresses the poor and people of color. 

Our cash bail system creates a backwards system that assumes guilt over innocence, while we hold onto democratic ideals that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  If accused of a crime, you may be offered an option to post cash bail or sit in jail until you can be seen in court, which is usually weeks to months wait.  Suppose you are poor and are arrested for a presumed crime.  Suppose a judge sets bail for you at $100.  If you cannot produce $100, you are sent to jail until you can have your court appearance.  And many offenses brought to court are thrown out.

But the impact of the inability to cough up cash bail has much worse consequences besides incarceration.  Suppose you’re a single mom working a job and raising two kids, and you are arrested on a minor charge.  You don’t have cash for bail, so they incarcerate you.  Then your employer fires you for not showing up to work.  Since your kids have no caretaker, they are put into protective custody of the state or a foster home.  All for a non-proven offense that may get thrown out of court once you face a judge.

Remember, bail gets refunded once a person goes to court.  The bail money is an enticement to make sure they show up.  So the consequences of being poor are extreme.

The Bail Project has a revolving fund that helps someone in this situation keep their job and their family by posting the bail for them.  They have a team of people that also coach clients to make sure they show up for their court appearances.  An astonishingly high percentage of bail is returned to the Bail Project to keep this cycle repeating, and this is where some of my charitable giving goes each year.

The Bail Project combats mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system. They restore the presumption of innocence, reunite families, and challenge a system that criminalizes race and poverty. They’re on a mission to end cash bail and create a more just, equitable, and humane pretrial system.  And that, for me, is a prime example of bringing more justice to our world.


Do you want to be able to track the dollar amount associated with a specific discount? Maybe you want to see how much of a discount is given to a specific customer or for a specific promotion. If you use exclusive GL accounts for discounts from promotions, you can easily see that information in Acumatica with the help of Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).

For Example

Let’s take a look at an example of how to use RPM to create a discount for a promotion you want to run for the month of April.  Then, track the amount tied to that discount in the general ledger when the discount is used on transactions during the month.

How it’s done

A Price Calculation is what drives a price adjustment on a transaction to change the base price of an item. It is where you assign the discount based on an amount or a percentage. In this example, let’s say we are running a promotion specifically for our Loyal customers. They get $10 off when they purchase a specific item in April.  The Price Calculation is set up for this amount and tied to a specific GL Account to track the discount. Here is an example of what the Price Calculation could look like.

We already have a Price Schedule for our Loyal Customers so we can easily add this new Price Calculation to the Price Schedule.  RPM knows to look for the Item and Customer information to get the correct price.

Now that we have RPM set up to track the discount to a designated account, enter transactions as you normally would in Acumatica. We have already entered some transactions using this Price Schedule with the Price Calculation.

We can see the Price Calculations that were assigned on the transactions, for our new promotion. Click Edit and scroll down to the Price Adjustments area. RPM makes it easy to see your price adjustments within Acumatica. This way, you can verify the information before the transaction is posted. You can even click the View Diagnostics button to see how RPM found the price it returned.

View the GL Account

After the transactions are posted, you can view the GL account to get the total associated with that particular discount. How you view the information is entirely up to you. It can be done through a report, inquiry, whatever way you prefer to view GL Account information.  Do keep in mind, if you have multiple discounts posting to the same GL Account, you will see all the transactions.


While this example is specific to a discount from a promotion, Rockton Pricing Management allows you to track specific GL accounts with any of the Price Calculations you want to use. It doesn’t have to be a discount. It could be royalties, margins, fees, or any other adjustments you use. RPM makes your work simpler & easier®.

If you would like more information on Rockton Pricing Management or would like to see a demo, please contact or call 877-4ROCKTON (877-476-2586).

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Kelli

One opportunity the pandemic created for me was an awareness of how much responsibility I have for the quality of my life. Too often there is a disconnect between what I say I want and the actions I take to support that outcome. With fewer opportunities for distraction, the pandemic afforded me the opportunity to witness my own culpability in reinforcing habits, both good and bad.

One daily habit that has served me well is listening to Audible each morning while I tend to my 2 and 4-legged friends on our small hobby farm. The bulk of my reading is done via listening to audiobooks. Every now and then a book I have listened to qualifies as worthy of space on my bookshelf and I purchase a physical copy of that book. A recent book that achieved that status was ‘The Craving Mind’ by Judson Brewer. I have previously read books related to habit formation such as ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, both excellent books in their own right. I have also enjoyed books associated with meditation and mindfulness including ‘Think Like a Monk’ by Jay Shetty. ‘The Craving Mind’ sits at the intersection of habit formation and consciousness. Too often habits are formed without really understanding our motivation behind the action. Judson Brewer illuminates the way rewards reinforce habits and the opportunity to make different choices through the practice of mindfulness, bringing one’s attention to the present moment without judgment.

There were a couple of things that really stood out for me in reading ‘The Craving Mind.’ Just as B.F. Skinner proved with rats in the 1950’s, human brains are also wired for rewards. I found the variety of studies and evidence to show the connection between triggers, habits, and rewards helpful. Bringing awareness to the reward experienced provides an opportunity to interrupt a bad habit to take a different action. I also learned a nifty acronym to assist with developing greater mindfulness: RAIN – Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture. The example Brewer frequently cited of cigarette smoking, while not a habit with which I struggle, still proved useful. I was able to extrapolate from that example and apply it to other situations where I do face challenges.

One such area of challenge is my (over)use of my cell phone. Not unlike many, I check my phone a ridiculous number of times each day, due to ‘intermittent variable’ reward of receiving an email or text. Also not uniquely, I have struggled with getting quality sleep. In February 2021 our family made a key decision that has improved both my quality of sleep and my well-being: putting our phones to sleep in the kitchen each night before bed. Part of the way I support this habit is that I don’t have a charging cord available anywhere else besides the kitchen counter. I know this is not a revolutionary suggestion, but admittedly it took real effort on my part to commit to the change. I was prone to using my phone up until I fell asleep, grabbing it to research an idea if I awoke in the middle of the night, and reviewing it first thing in the morning. Putting my phone to sleep outside of my bedroom has freed up my brain to not be constantly striving for new information and stimuli 24-7. Now when I wake in the wee hours, I have a simple meditation practice that I utilize instead. Even if I don’t fall back asleep, I still benefit from the meditation, so my sleep is not “wasted”.

It is rare to experience a book that gets to the heart of how our own human-ness gets in our way. A solid case was made for the practice of both mindfulness and meditation to effect change and measurably improve the quality of life. If you, like me, have some habits causing unintended consequences, you also may benefit from reading – or listening to – ‘The Craving Mind.’


Here at Rockton it is no secret that our annual company retreat is our most anticipated gathering of the year.  Now that our company spans 8 states the chance to connect and relax together has become more important than ever.  Two years of COVID quarantine has really laid a wet blanket over this crucial element of our company culture. When vaccines started rolling out and the world opened up, we jumped at the chance to reunite in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.

Our mornings were spent tending to essential work topics, celebrating the accomplishments of 2021, and strategizing for 2022.  Mercifully, the executive team decided the team’s need for connection and relaxation outweighed most everything else, so we cut our workdays short and jumped into fun in the afternoons.

Our retreat planning committee had several fun activities planned for us throughout the week.  First up was a scavenger hunt.  We split up into teams and had to find 50 items in 30 minutes.  Bonus points for creativity!  One of the more difficult items to find was a dog. Big thanks to Mike for wearing his honorary Ben the dog aloha shirt on this day!

Next up was a resort-wide pool crawl.   It started out with fun photos and countless jello-shots and ended with Mark Rockwell singing Britney Spears with a sea of drink floaty backup singers.  (*all evidence of these events has been destroyed to protect the innocent)

And then there was the food. So much amazing food!  Here is the Instagram moment of the blog where only pictures can do it justice…


Finally, there were all the memorable moments that bubbled up organically throughout the week. Swimming to shore while a team on jet skies cleared the water of not one, but two sharks! Playing in the surf and sand. Relaxing in the pool reminiscing about old times. And watching the nightly entertainment.

And lastly, crossing our fingers and saying a little prayer as we each had our COVID test and were cleared to head back to the states. Feeling rejuvenated, grateful, and better equipped to tackle the year ahead.

Rockton Software Cancun Mexico

Both sides of the family have the same recipe, but each thought it was their grandma’s secret recipe! Come to find out…it was the same!  I’m guessing it was in every church recipe book back in the day.😊 ” -Kris


1 pkg fresh Cranberries 

1 – 1 ½ cup granulated Sugar 

20 oz. can of crushed Pineapple (drained) 

½ pkg. miniature marshmallows 

½ pkg Heavy Whipping Cream (NOT Cool Whip!) 


  1. Rinse Cranberries 
  2. Grind Cranberries into a bowl 
  3. Add Sugar, stir together 
  4. Whip the Heavy Cream until stiff peaks 
  5. Add Pineapple, Marshmallows and Whipped Cream 
  6. Fold all together 
  7. Store in refrigerator until serving 

The Holidays are truly all about spending time with loved ones, family traditions, and making memories.

We would like to share some favorite movies, traditions, and of course our favorite cookies because who doesn’t love dessert or chocolate, from our Rockton team

Let’s start off with our all-time favorite movies for the holiday season. We have a mixture of old and new, new renditions of some classics, and family favorites.

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Home Alone and Home Alone 2
  • It’s A Wonderful Life
  • The Santa Clause (Tim Allen)
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Family Stone
  • Love the Coopers
  • Four Christmases
  • The Grinch and How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Polar Express
  • A Christmas Carol (2009 with Jim Carey)
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Miracle on 34th Street

Christmas Vacation is definitely an all-time classic and favorite. In fact, last year we created a Winter Staycation parody.

With every holiday season there are always cookies to bring to a gathering, to make as a family, a cookie swap, or just have them on a daily basis because that’s what you do this time of year.

What are some of the classic cookies we have each year?

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Pfeffernusse Cookies
  • Canadian No Bake
  • Frosted Sugar Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Kiss
  • Snowball cookies
  • Ginger Snaps

A few different twists on the traditional frosted sugar cookie come from Mark and Sheila.  Mark, despite not being a fan of lemon, recalls as a kid his mom would swap lemon extract for the traditional vanilla, and Sheila uses almond instead of vanilla.  This sounds like an opportunity for a cookie taste test.

Family traditions are such a great way to not only bring the family together but to keep the spirit alive of loved ones who may not be with us. One thing is certain we all love spending time with family.


My parents have a century-old 8-acre farmstead outside of rural Comstock, Minnesota – a small town of roughly 150 people.

There is a large wooden barn on the farm, and it has played host to our local, small-town church’s live nativity service every Christmas Eve for more than 20+ years.

Our family always supplied the live animal Nativity scene and special guests have included, a herd of goats, a miniature donkey, my horse, some wayward chickens, countless barn cats, 3 dogs and the occasional mouse that crashed the party.

The service would start just after dark, and that is when all the antique oil lanterns are lit. Guests would enter through the ancient dusty milk room and be met with twinkle lights, kettles of steaming hot apple cider, and more cookies than a Norwegian grandma can shake a stick at. It was always me and my brother’s job to see that every guest was served a treat when they arrived. Once they got into the main part of the barn everyone took their “seats” on their quilt-covered haybale.

I loved surveying the scene after everyone was in place waiting for the actors to come into the room – seeing all the quilts and blankets spread across the laps of entire families, the steam rising out of the cups of cider, and how cozy it was when you put 100+ people dressed in full Minnesota winter gear into a barn on a -15-degree night.

The muffled mitten claps as classic Christmas carols were sung between the various Nativity character appearances was my favorite sound, besides the occasional goat bahhhing from the stable scene.

After the service, you could watch taillights for miles driving off in various directions down the long gravel roads as people dispersed to their homes for their own family events.

Anyone without family or festivities was always invited into my parent’s home following the service to enjoy a meal with us and we always made sure there were a few extra gifts under the tree so everyone, including our new guests, could open a present after family carols.

The yearly event drew people from all over the states, even hearing of over the road truckers that made it a point to be passing through Moorhead, MN on Christmas Eve night so they could enjoy the cider and cookies and some holiday tradition with us.

The barn service tradition came to its close in 2018 when the aging barn could no longer hold up to the harsh MN elements, but we still hear from past attendees how that service became part of their own family tradition as well and how much it is missed.


A new tradition we started with my family is the annual gingerbread house. We save up the tons of candy the kids collect at Halloween.  We scratch-bake the best gingerbread ever, bake the sides and roof, and then ice it together.  The kids go crazy eating all the Halloween candy we denied them over the past month, and only about 10% of it ends up on the actual gingerbread house.  On New Year’s Eve, the kids get to eat the house.  One year, the kids got pretty clever.  Because the gingerbread and candy gets stale, they hid a ton of wrapped candy INSIDE the gingerbread house so that on New Year’s Eve, when they ate the house they broke into the middle and got another ton of non-stale candy.  Clever kids.


Cooking together as a family; Working on a Christmas puzzle (someone always steals the last piece to put it in at the end and claim VICTORY over the puzzle completion …. eyes rolling; giving the beautiful gift of “time” to family & friends.


When I was younger and in Colorado, I would make a ton of stuff during Christmas.  Turtles, Buckeyes, Chocolate Peanut Clusters, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cookies.  Tons of things and we would make plates and deliver to family and friends.  We also like to go drive around and look at lights on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we typically go to the theatres for a good movie!


loves starting off the holidays with an Advent Calendar and 12 days of Xmas presents for her hubby and son.


Likes going up and spending time with family, and especially nice when it snows.  Oh, and hiking into the woods and cutting down our Christmas tree.

Other Holiday Traditions:

  • Pass the parcel
  • Drinking Egg nog
  • Collecting ornaments from past travels
  • Sushi night on Christmas Eve

Whatever your traditions are big or small we hope you keep them alive and growing, and still enjoy everything about the holiday season before us. It is time to focus on gratitude, peace, love, joy, and family.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Festivus!

from the Rockton Team!