Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its people. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Sue

I’m Sue, and I’ve been with Rockton for 12 years. I love the team, love our trips and shenanigans, and I love that we have the resources and latitude to take great care of our customers.

Something you like about working remotely? 

I adore working from home! The view from my desk is fantastic: I live in the woods in the Idaho Panhandle, so on a good day I may see an elk, a bear, or a mama moose with her baby. Sometimes I get to watch my #1 cat, Scylla (aka The Terror) stalking wild turkeys – she thinks she’s much bigger and tougher than she actually is. Ellie, our chocolate lab, snores under my desk much of the day. My husband also works from home, and he can be noisy too, but I love having him around and I think he feels the same. With access to my own kitchen, I’ve gone back to treating myself to pots of loose leaf tea throughout the day. I keep a variety of black, green, oolong, jasmine, and pu-erh around, and it feels so decadent!

Funny memory that is unique to 2020-present?

All I remember of 2020 and 2021 is moving my son and daughter to college, then back home, back to college, home again, over and over….. And of course they were at different colleges. Then suddenly in 2022, they’re both married and living out of state. I remember my dad telling me years ago, as if it were a secret, “Empty nest syndrome is a myth!” And he was right. After about two weeks, he was right. Miss those kids, love those kids, but wow is it nice to have BOTH of their bedrooms for sewing space! 

What are you reading?

I just finished “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming” by Mike Brown and it was great. We think we know “what’s out there,” but he reminds us how much is still to be discovered, even in our own solar system. 

Favorite recipe?

Dutch Baby (aka German Puff Pancake)
This is fun to make for kids, special days, and overnight guests. It’s a simple recipe, but it feels special and dramatic when it comes out of the oven all puffed and golden brown!

Preheat oven to 425F

Whisk together:

1/2C milk

1/2C flour

1/4C sugar

2 large eggs at room temperature

Heat a 10” ovenproof skillet (cast iron is ideal) over medium heat and melt 4T (1/2 stick) unsalted butter

Tilt the pan to coat the sides with melted butter. Pour in the egg mixture and cook on the stovetop without stirring for 1 minute. Move the skillet into the preheated oven and bake until the pancake is puffed and golden, about 12 – 15 minutes. Serve immediately with a dusting of powered sugar, fruit preserves, or maple syrup.

And here’s a great recipe for a savory version.

Favorite game:

We’ve had a blast playing Wizard, similar to euchre but the number of players is flexible and you bet on how many tricks you’ll take each round. It doesn’t take long for the trash talking and accusations to start!

Joseph C. Markovich has been IT manager at Okaya Electric America for 18 years and has been a Rockton super fan for many, many, many years. In this video, Markovich shares how SmartFill, Dynamics Report Manager, and Auditor has helped him work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP. If you’re new to Rockton and our tools, let us show you around!

SmartFill is your go-to search tool. Type something in SmartFill, even if it’s missing numbers or partially formed, and find what you’re looking for 83% faster. SmartFill is one of our shining stars at Rockton, followed by Auditor. Auditor tracks data changes. So, if a field got changed or need any explanation to why a name was changed, Auditor can tell you when, who, why, where, how and why. As for Dynamics Report Manager, you are able to manage and print all of your Dynamics GP reporting from pretty much anywhere, to pretty much anywhere, at pretty much any time without having to install or launch any external applications to do it.

Are you psyched to work more efficiently like Joe here? Then, schedule a one-on-one demo for a detailed tutorial on your chosen tool (or all of them if you so desire). If you’re certain SmartFill, Dynamics Report Manager, or Auditor is the one for you, then go ahead and give it a 30-day free test drive. Don’t forget, there’s more where that came from. Check out our other tools. As always, we’re here to help and can be reached at to answer any of your questions.

supply chain strategy

Does your business turn raw materials into finished goods? Are you in the manufacturing, retail, construction, wholesale, or distribution industries? Then you are most likely dealing with a supply chain. This became a buzzword in 2020, when the global pandemic caused massive interruptions to supply chain networks. When efficiency was no longer possible, companies started developing more robust, more resilient, supply chain strategies to ensure long term profitability even during periods of volatility. Keep reading to find a supply chain strategy you can develop to optimize your network, benefiting both your business and your customers.  

What is Supply Chain Strategy? 

A network of individuals and companies create a product, ultimately delivering it to a consumer. Optimizing each step of this supply chain will help your company get your products to your customers with as little friction as possible. By developing a resilient supply chain strategy, your company can reduce costs while also staying competitive in the long-term. 

Supply Chain Strategies to Consider for Your Business 

Before you choose a supply chain strategy, consider your business goals. Make sure you are adopting a strategy that will maintain customer satisfaction and positively impact your business’ bottom line.  

Strategically Placed Buffers 

Experiencing unexpected delays? Buffers will help you absorb the impact. Here are some common buffers you can put in place in your supply chain strategy: 

  • Inventory Buffer: Keep extra inventory on hand. Consider whether you’ll need a few days’ worth, or weeks’ worth of inventory. Using inventory management software, like Acumatica ERP, can help you track this in real-time.   
  • Financial Buffer: Set aside money each month to protect against unexpected costs 
  • Time Buffer: Have materials arrive before demand hits  

Diversification (Single-Sourcing vs. Multi-Sourcing)

Do you rely on a single source to get the products your company needs? Consider diversifying, or multisource, your supply chain network. How do you know there aren’t other suppliers who can make your product faster and at a lower cost?  

Demand Forecasting

Do you pack an umbrella when there’s a 95% chance for rain? When it comes to a solid supply chain strategy, using data to forecast demand means you won’t ever come up short (or end up soaked). Ultimately it will help improve lead time, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.  


Consistency is key. Investing in sales and operations planning will help build standardization with every link in the supply chain. If you’re dealing with suppliers and manufacturers all over the world, or are managing thousands of products, there are platforms that can help streamline your supply chain. 

Optimize Your Strategy with Rockton Software 

Efficiently Manage Pricing & Revenue with Rockton Pricing Management (RPM)

Pricing and revenue management within a supply chain strategy aims to create a balance between supply and demand while also optimizing profits. Rockton Pricing Management makes it easy to manage pricing for any number of items with ease, and it will deliver real-time, accurate pricing to your customers. RPM allows you to set up price schedules once, and our pricing tool will do all the calculations for you, automatically! Have a range of dates that need specific pricing? No problem! RPM is so flexible, it even offers date-driven pricing, allowing you to assign valid date ranges to price lists. You’ll get the right pricing at the right time, every time.  

Working on Your Supply Chain Strategy?

Let us help! Reach out today for a free demo of Rockton Pricing Management! 

Did you know that the cost of living is the highest it has been in 40 years? Thank you, inflation! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS for short) reported the producer price index to have increased 0.4% in September from August, and it doesn’t look like it’s cooling down.

“Price pressures remain elevated and volatile, particularly for food and gas, given the ongoing war in Ukraine and ongoing supply chain disruptions,” Matthew Martin, a U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, told the Wall Street Journal.

What does that mean? A consumer will feel the heat in their bank account or in their wallet. A wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or supplier will adjust their prices in their systems. This process could take a bit… unless they have Rockton Price Management.

Back It Up – What Do Wholesale Prices Have to Do with Inflation?

Inflation starts with wholesale prices. A wholesale price is the cost businesses pay producers and manufacturers for goods, setting the stage for if the prices have risen, declined, or are stagnant. Businesses will purchase from producers and manufacturers at a lower price, then turn around and sell the goods at a higher price. So, the wholesale price is the first domino to fall. Wholesalers rely on volume to make their profit, which explains why they are commonly more than happy to provide a small mark up in price if it means they can sell more goods. Whereas businesses sell the items to pay their bills and keep their doors open.

How Do You Know the Prices are Inflated?

The PPI (an acronym for producer price index) tells us. It measures price changes before customers purchase final goods and services. In other words, it measures inflation from the viewpoint of the producers; the average selling price they receive for their output over a period. To make this measurement less complicated, BLS publishes the index every month. No calculator required. They base their findings on approximately 100,000 monthly price quotes reported voluntarily online by more than 25,000 systematically sampled producer establishments.

How to Change Wholesale Prices in Seconds

Since wholesale prices constantly change, and are increasing at rapid speed, wouldn’t it be nice to upload an entire price sheet with the current prices for the certain dates? It’s possible with Rockton Pricing Management. The most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP system!) pricing solution ever available can make changing wholesale prices simpler and easier. Don’t believe us? See for yourself – book a one-on-one demo. Not ready to commit? No worries, check out Rockton Pricing Management’s features here. Want to see how many pricing strategies you manage in a day? Download our free Pricing Strategies Checklist. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We’re here to help you work simpler and easier®.


Sending invoices to your customers should be a simple process. Just send it and it’s paid, right? Unfortunately, it’s rarely that simple, and in fact, the invoicing process can be a bit strenuous at times. Streamlining your invoicing process in Dynamics GP with Dynamics Report Manager can help alleviate some of the stress of making sure invoices are sent on time. Providing this reliable customer service means you’re more likely to receive payments when you need them. Here are some additional tips to help navigate, and eliminate, the challenges that come with a billing cycle.  

1. Are You Contacting the Right Person?

It’s very rare these days that an employee will stay at the same company, in the same role, until they retire. This can become problematic when you send an invoice, only to find out months later that an individual is no longer your point of contact. Take some time to review the Customer Account, and make sure you have more than one contact, just in case.  

2. Billing Cycle Requirements

Make sure you define your billing cycle requirements and communicate them clearly with your customer. Are these monthly invoices, or annual invoices? Additionally, generating invoices early will give the customer plenty of time to review and pay. If you’re a Dynamics GP user, Dynamics Report Manager can automate this process for you.  

3. Check for Accuracy

Take a moment to double check your invoices before you send them off. Make sure that the quantity and the products or services you are billing for are correct.  Nobody wants to call the customer informing them of an invoicing error, especially if it results in them owing more or overpaying.  

4. It’s All in the Details

Everyone wants to know what they’re paying for. Have you ever received an invoice that only displays an amount due? Maybe it was a medical bill that made you ponder, “what exactly am I paying for?” Providing detail on the invoice so the customer knows what product or service they are paying for is meaningful and necessary. 

5. Highlight Important Information

Call attention to Due Dates and Amount Due. Make it easy for your customers to know what amount to pay and when it’s due. Highlight or Bold those fields to draw attention to them. 

6. Promote Early Payment

You may want to consider offering discounts if your customer pays early. After all, the quicker you have the money in your account, the better. Of course, on the flip side, if customers are behind on paying those invoices, you may want to consider assessing penalties. 

7. Leverage the Invoice for Marketing

Add promotions, discounts for early payments, or services you may provide that the customer might not know about. Make every touch point count!

8. Provide Payment Options

Who doesn’t like options? Make sure you provide value to your customers by accepting multiple forms of payments such as Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, or PayPal. You may even consider adding an additional convenience; have the customer credit card on file (PCI complaint of course) and process the invoice automatically, sending the paid invoice with a BIG Thank You to your customer. 

9. Track It

Ever get a call from a customer wanting to know their account balance? Wonder how many invoices were paid this month vs. last month or even last year? Tracking information so you can quickly find it is crucial to the longevity of a business. Make sure you are utilizing reports, dashboards, or some quick visual cues to identify the health of an Account. 

10. Don’t Forget the Follow Up

Don’t forget to send that email letting your customer know you value their business. For larger invoices, a phone call is even better! Or to put that cherry on top, send a small gift at the end of the year to your MVC’s (most valued customers). 

Dynamics Report Manager is the Invoicing Solution for Dynamics GP 

Have you ever wanted to take all the invoices you’ve had in sales order processing and simply email those to your customers, rather than print them? Dynamics Report Manager is the solution for you. DRM will capture the invoice information from Dynamics GP as well as the customer’s email address that you have set up on the customer maintenance window and send them for you.  

Additionally with DRM, you can set up a scheduled launch. You can select multiple invoices and then schedule when you want them to be generated. You then have the option to send them to email, or to a printer. The frequency of your launches can be set up as monthly, daily, even hourly. With DRM, you get these reports as often as you need them.  

If you want to streamline your invoicing process, reach out today! We would love to give you a free demo of our incredible Dynamics GP add-on product, Dynamics Report Manager. 

What do the Birds, the bees, and pricing all have in common? People tend to run in the opposite direction when it comes time to talk about them. Unpleasant? Awkward? Perhaps. But very necessary and beneficial in most instances. Today we’re going to leave the birds and the bees alone, but let’s talk about product pricing.

You Get What You Pay For

A Tesla might seem expensive next to a Prius, but you get what you pay for, right? You didn’t buy QuickBooks for your accounting needs; you invested in a powerful ERP solution: Microsoft Dynamics GP. Kind of the same thing…work with me here. We like to think of Rockton’s Dynamics GP add-on products as the bright, shiny, chrome rims you use to accessorize your Dynamics GP – we don’t want to be the fuzzy dice hanging on the rearview mirror. If you need quality products that are simple to install, easy to work with, and come with unmatched technical support, look no further. 

Sometimes we are the cheapest solution on the market and sometimes we’re not, but we strive to be the best solution on the market EVERY. TIME. Our products are robust and have been thoroughly tested by our team and end users for decades. Not only will our products solve your specific business needs, but likely offer solutions to a few other problems you didn’t even know you had. We stand behind our products and follow through if any issues arise. Speaking of issues, our support team is top notch, averaging 9.8/10 on support case surveys. 

Quality, Integrity, and Support – you’ll get what you pay for. That’s also why you’ll see our pricing displayed proudly on our website and on other promotional materials for you to review. 

Subscription-Based Product Pricing 

In addition to our traditional pricing model, perpetual model licensing, we also offer monthly subscription options. Our valued customers can purchase our add-on products in a monthly SaaS model. You can pay per user, per month. Click here to see our most recent price guide.  

Our Product Pricing is Based on Full GP User Count 

All five of our Dynamics GP add-on products are based on the full system user count because our products are used by virtually every user in Dynamics GP. To be as fair as possible to companies big and small, while remaining true to our simpler & easier motto, this is the solution we arrived at. Keep in mind, with this full user count model, all your Limited and Self-Service users are totally FREE. Our hope is that our customers and partners consider the products we offer, how they benefit from making GP Work Simpler and Easier® and see the value of the solution for their users. 

As a refresher, here’s our user count policy for perpetual and subscription pricing: 

Rockton Software’s user count must match the GP Full User CAL (Concurrent User) count, which needs to include the 3 users in the initial or starter pack. The Limited users or licenses don’t affect the Rockton user count at all. When determining the number of Rockton Software product licenses needed for the total concurrent user count, one could verify the Dynamics GP user count on the GP registration key or the number of users on the configuration information page. If referencing user counts as listed in MS VOICE, the customer would only need to match the Full User Count listed plus the 3 in the initial or starter pack (which are currently not listed there in VOICE). 

That Wasn’t So Bad, Was It? 

If you have any questions regarding our Dynamics GP add-on product pricing, please contact our sales team, we’d love to chat with you further about this topic! 

Written By: Alicia Weigel, Technical Sales Team Lead, Rockton Software 


Dynamics GP offers many reporting tools, such as SmartList, Excel Reports, Crystal Reports, SSRS, and Management Reporter, but there are limitations to where and how you can print them. One common limitation is you need to be in GP to run reports. If you are working with third party products or integrating dictionaries, then you probably want to throw your keyboard across the room when working with reports. Another constraint is distributing reports to others. Some of Dynamics GP tools are decent at exporting and sending reports, but it could be better.

dynamics gp reporting

What DRM Has that GP Doesn’t?

Do you want to do more with your reports than Dynamics GP is allowing you? Then, you need Dynamics Report Manager (DRM). It offers you the flexibility you need to print most any report from almost anywhere at any time. We’ll dive deeper into what DRM can do, like:

  • Launching reports from a variety of sources and programs
  • Schedule and print from different launch points (not just windows)
  • Email your reports within Dynamics GP
  • View all your reports in one centralized window

Launch Dynamics GP Reports from a Variety of Sources and Programs

Yes, you can get most of the reports you need within GP. But can you launch your report from your third part products and integrating dictionaries? DRM can! DRM allows you to launch your report from almost anywhere in GP. You could print SSRS, Crystal Reports, and others from the windows of your choice. You can even replace the existing Report Writer report with a different type of report. DRM allows you to launch reports from a variety of sources and programs, including:

  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • FRx
  • Management Reporter
  • Report Writer
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Any Dexterity-based third-party program

Schedule and Print from Different Launch Points

Don’t be limited to just windows, print from a Floating Palette, Shortcut Bar, or Home Page. Plus, you can schedule a launch to print reports when you want, even if you’re sipping Pina Coladas on the beach. With DRM, you won’t have to question if you printed a report while you’re soaking up the sun. Relax, DRM has it covered.

With a scheduled launch, you determine if the report should be an hourly, daily, or monthly report. You also determine where you want the reports to print. This is helpful for large reports that may tie up a printer or resources. Scheduling a report to print overnight will free up that printer and resources for others to use.

Email Your Reports within Dynamics GP

You’ve seen how several Dynamics GP reporting tools can email reports, but how about from any window? Using our Batch Report feature in DRM, you can email any report from any window. For example, with the click of a button, you can email all Crystal Report invoices in a batch to the appropriate customer. What a time saver! In addition, reports can be sent to the screen, printer, or save to a file such as .pdf or Word.

View All Your Reports in One Centralized Window

Thanks to Dynamics Report Manager Explorer window! This feature that you won’t find in GP (might we add) is a centralized window that will display the existing reports you print using DRM, regardless of report type or module. You can see all reports in one window and easily print multiple reports from this window. You can sort, configure, and group reports together for easy printing and viewing. This makes reporting more manageable.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

So, you’ve learned what DRM has that GP doesn’t, but you want to do your own digging first before you take the next step? No problem. We have a video that shows you what DRM looks like, a list of all its features, and ten valuable ways to print your reports. If you have any questions on DRM, need more information, or want to schedule a one-on-one demo, please contact

What is segregation of duties? A quick definition for those of you who don’t know — segregation of duties is the principle that no single person is given authority to execute two conflicting duties. It is designed to prevent fraud and error by splitting the responsibilities between different people. One person could claim expenses while another would approve them. Another example would be separating roles that manage cash deposits from customers and reconciliation of those deposits with sales records. While we were discussing this topic within our team, one team member proposed a fun analogy: what if we explained segregation of duties, or separation of duties, within Dynamics GP as if it were The Hunger Games?

Relating Segregation of Duties to The Hunger Games

We’re not suggesting you throw all your GP users into the conference room and see who makes it out alive. Rather, humor us and pretend for the next five minutes that you find yourself in Panem, the futuristic civilization created by Suzanne Collins in her book trilogy.

For those that didn’t fly through the books or watch the movies (here’s the trailer), Panem is comprised of 13 districts. Each district is responsible for providing specific goods or services for the entire country, such as transportation, power, lumber, textiles, etc. This works because everyone sticks to their expertise and the result is harmony in the country. That’s the point we’re trying to make, not the whole fight-to-the-death part.

Now, imagine what those 13 districts would look like if they were users in Dynamics GP: Payroll clerk, Payroll manager, Payables clerk, Payables manager, and so on. Each user has their own responsibilities that contribute to a system that runs smoothly and efficiently while minimizing the risk of fraud. Let us show you how you can implement segregation of duties in Dynamics GP and create harmony between the metaphorical districts.

Define the districts.

Firstly, you would need to separate the one task into two or more phases, jobs, or components. The goal is that no one individual should have complete control over a process. For example, there are two districts in the system for Payables Invoices and Payables Checks. One district enters invoices in Payables Transaction Entry and Purchase Order Entry. The other district enters checks in Select Computer Checks and Payables Manual Payment. What are your districts?

Create a process for segregation of duties.

Once you’ve defined your districts, you can create a process in Dynamics GP to help segregate the duties. In the example provided above, you would need to create two Group IDs in Segregation of Duties. To do this, you can either import in a Security Task or by importing in a previously defined Segregation of Duty Group. Then, define and assign the Exclusions. A user should not be able to do another user’s task, duty, or responsibility. In order to keep the districts separated, you would need to create an Exclusion ID between the two of them.

Ensure your districts are segregated and running efficiently.

Running and reviewing reports can help you identify where a conflict exists for the user(s) between the groups you have set up to be excluded from one another. You can check the Segregation of Duties Conflicts report and the User Segregation of Duties Conflicts report to see if any tasks overlap. The Segregation of Duties Conflicts report is per Exclusion and will tell you all of the Users who have access to at least one of the Forms selected in each of the two districts that have an exclusion between them. The User Segregation of Duties Conflicts report is per User and Exclusion, which will tell you when a User has access to at least one of the Forms selected in each of the two districts that have an exclusion between them.

Add an extra layer of security.

To aid segregation of duties and enhance your security, Auditor can help you track, audit, authorize, and report changes. Adding Auditor to Dynamics GP, you would have the ability to ensure specific changes are authorized with built-in E-sign electronic signature, require users to write a note of explanation when they change or update a field, and track data changes at the table or SQL level. Learn more about Auditor here or schedule a one-on-one demo to see if it really can help you separate duties.

The Dynamics GP Community never disappoints, neither did this year’s 2022 Community Summit.  It offered us a chance to reconnect, in human form, for the first time in what felt like a really long time!

It was great to see the attendance numbers increase dramatically from last year’s and see that a lot of the COVID pressure had eased from last two years.

Highlights from the Dynamics GP veterans in the community:

  • Our Partner Showcase Session – we love seeing a packed house of eager users and we were so pumped to see so many brand-new faces in the crowd!
  • Booth conversations – It was awesome to hear how everyone’s businesses were doing in the post-Covid era and what improvements were being made to their systems and processes. Everyone seemed to have learned new ways of getting work done and we were so happy to hear Rockton Software was often part of that!
  • Celebrating – We never pass up an opportunity to celebrate our customers, partnerships, new friends made and a few days of hard work. The GP Power Online party, that we co-hosted with our buddies at Njevity at House of Blues, gave is the perfect opportunity to just that. This event never disappoints and gives everyone a chance to cut loose and hang out once the sessions wrap up. Great conversations, laughs and some epic dance moves were shared!

dynamics gp community session

Highlights from the newbie:

  • I found the Dynamics GP Community Summit very insightful and gained an overall better understanding of the software industry. It was also nice to meet others within the industry, especially those Rockton has been at this event with over the years and has built rapport with.
  • It was AWESOME to see Alicia kill-it during her presentation!  Outside of being a full house, the attendees were engaged and asked lots of questions. Many of the attendees took pictures of the end slides with our contact information and promotional pricing. Several of the attendees that asked questions during Alicia’s presentation stopped by the booth after for additional questions and a couple demos.
  • The house of Blue’s was the perfect finishing touch of the Summit event. It was nice to see everyone mingling, dancing, and singing karaoke. The smiles on everyone’s face as we all celebrated a successful Community Summit, large attendance turn out, old acquaintances together for the first time since Covid, meeting new acquaintances, and of course everyone’s potential sales made from the event!

microsoft dynamics gp community

A gift of appreciation:

Thank you to all those who spent time with us, whether at our session, in the booth or over your favorite Karaoke song. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did inside the Microsoft Dynamics GP community.  The fun doesn’t stop there.  We have some goodies for you and ways for us to connect, if you miss and/or missed us.

  • Free Trial keys:  Want to try something out?  Let us know and we would be happy to send you free 30 day trial keys of any, or all, of our 5 Foundation products.
  • Demos:  Want to connect and get your questions answered?  Let us know and we would be happy to schedule a personalized demo of any of our products.
  • DIY: Are you a DIY’er?  Here is a library of our most recent videos.
  • Promotion: Don’t miss out!  Our NA Community Summit promotion has our best prices of the year.
    Sale ends December 31, 2022. Promotions do not apply to LA-SA customers

dynamics gp promos for community

Any business will tell you that the most important asset it has is its team members. That’s what makes Rockton Rock! We work hard, we play hard and most of all we love what we do and we do it exceptionally well. We invite you to take a couple of minutes to get to know our awesome team as they give insights on a wide variety of topics.

Rockton Spotlight: Sheila

Hello everyone!  My name is Sheila and I’ve been happily working at Rockton Software for 6 years.  I absolutely love working here and plan to be here until I retire.  I can’t imagine working anywhere else!

First Job

My first job was at Burger King putting the frozen patties on the broiler.  It took me years to be able to eat there again without smelling that broiler.  Now I get to enjoy the smell of smoked steaks from my husband’s charcoal grill.  Thank God!

Years in the Channel

Oh wow…really aging myself here!  I have been in the Channel for 23 years now.  It just seems like yesterday when I moved to Fargo and started working at Great Plains which then became Microsoft.  I remember taking my kids to the Microsoft campus where they could get snacks and pop for free and could sit by the fireplace, my kids thought that was the coolest place to work.

Now I take fun trips with my coworkers and sometimes my family gets to come along, and my kids now know that this is the coolest place to work!

Something you love about working remotely?

The ability to work from anywhere!  Sometimes I’m in Fargo, sometimes I’m in Colorado.  Nothing like rolling out of bed, getting some coffee, and sitting in front of my computer to work.  Especially during those cold winter days here in Fargo where it can be 20 BELOW zero.  I’m not sure why my friends don’t visit in February.  😊

Favorite Game

5 crowns or Aggravation.  My family enjoys playing games whenever we get together and it’s fun to laugh and make memories.

2 Truths 1 Lie

  • When I was a teenager, I spent my summers driving a wheat truck.
  • I have two different colored eyes.
  • I was arrested for trespassing on church property.

Favorite pastime?

Spending time with friends and family.  We grill with our neighbors, camp, go 4-wheeling, ice fish.  We love to be outside and spend time with our fur babies and our grandkids.  (Chloe, Riley and Rosie)