Sometimes you know you need a product, but you don’t necessarily know what it is you need. Rockton Software has created great products intended to make your Work Simpler & Easier®. Many of our team members came to Rockton after several years at Microsoft. Their in-depth work with those products means they are extremely knowledgeable about how our solutions works with those platforms, can be invaluable in helping you determine solutions that meet your needs.

When you come to us looking for a solution, we ask discovery questions to determine what your main issues are and what you are trying to resolve. We provide you with a personalized demo to help you understand how the product works. You will also be able to test our products in your system, so you can see it with your data. Of course, we are always available for your questions.

We also have information available to you online. Our website is a great resource to find information on our products. You may go to our website and click on the Product in which you are interested. From there, you can see information about the product, pricing, and a video. For even more information, check out the following:

You might also find us at different Microsoft conferences in a booth showing our products. We love to talk about the trends that we are seeing, and how we are constantly improving and updating our products to make sure that you have the best experience possible. It’s information that we learn from our customers that helps determine new features so we invite you to visit with us and help influence our next product editions! We also attend different User Group chapter meetings where we showcase our products. This is a great way to get a closer look at what we have to offer and chat with us about the solutions you need.
If you currently have one of our products but still find you have some pain points, give us a call. Your pain point may be something we have heard before and already have a solution or suggestion.

If you have sales related questions, contact our sales team at If you need support assistance, contact our support team at

If you know the Rockton Software team at all, you know we like to have fun at events. And Acumatica Summit 2019 was an amazing time! In true Rockton style, we thought why not make it a party? There’s nothing we love more than the chance to visit with old and new friends.

This year, the buzz was all about our Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) solution and how to put your pricing in the FAST LANE! As attendees were racing around the expo floor we made sure that they made a pit stop in Booth 270 where we showed off super cool racing jackets and gave out awesome prizes! A big congratulations to Angelo Pickard who won the Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones with noise canceling and Alexa voice control!

We also had a little fun by setting up a race track and having races both in and out of the booth. We gave away WINNER certificates, trophies and seriously cool race car pens. It was fun to see how competitive some of the attendees were!

What the heck is RPM and why will I love it?

The best way to learn about all the ways this pricing solution is the most flexible and powerful solution available is to talk to us. Acumatica attendees can attest to that!We’ve built in lots of features ERP users won’t know how they lived without – such as:

  • Automated Dynamic Pricing
  • Simplified Price Lists
  • Date-Driven Pricing
  • Rebates, Commissions, Offsets and Other Adjustments
  • Cataloging
  • API Enabled (RPM actually connects to ANY ERP!)

We sure missed you at the show, but you can still learn more about RPM here or contact us to schedule a personal demo just for you and your team.We’re committed to help ERP users make pricing simpler, easier and faster.

Let’s connect.

Have you ever had to work over a weekendOr work a few late evenings on an upgrade or an issue when other users are not in the system? This means you don’t always have access to our support team. Have no fear, other options are here! Our website is a great place to start when you’re looking for self-support. We have a large number of Knowledge Base articles on topics that range from possible error messages and ‘How To’ steps to informational documents explaining specific product features.  Simply select the Product and enter something in the search field. You can also leave the search field blank to get a list of all our Knowledge Base articles. If you have suggestions or requests on a Knowledge Base article you can always let the support team know at

You may also find helpful information on our Blogs page. We provide in depth information on popular topics such as segregation of duties and planning your implementation. Just like the search in the Knowledge Base Articles, select your Product and enter a search topic or leave it blank to see all blogs on that topic. 

Let’s not forget about Google or Bing! Your search results may not be specific to your issue or question, but they may point you in the right direction. This is especially true for error messages. Sometimes, the error message may appear to be related to a Rockton Software product, but then turns out it is not. It’s frustrating to wait for support hours only to find the issue is not related to Rockton Software. So, search around, it never hurts to look. 

Want a support person available to you outside of support hours? For a reasonable fee, you can pay to have a support person on call during a specified period. Please note, this option is available as long as there is a support person available during the time you need. 

So, when you are stuck at work and you can’t reach us rest assured knowing Rockton Software has provided some alternative support options to help you out.   

Lastly, if your request is urgent but can wait until the next support day, you can email and mark the email urgent and we will respond as soon as we are able. Always feel free to contact us with support related issues at If you need temp keys, registration keys, or have a sales question, contact

The Winter 2019 GP Optimizer magazine is available now and we’re excited to share the solutions that Rockton Software and many of our partners can provide. As with our Summer 2018 edition, we decided to group the articles around one cohesive theme. With many holidays surrounding the due date for this issue we decided to sink in to the dream world of our Favorite Things.

Our contributors took on the challenge and sent in favorites including advanced time sheet functionalities and tracking long-term investments. Rockton went a little bit further and encouraged our team members to share not only favorite features, like Inactivity Timeout, Price Check and Custom SQL Object, but random favorites as well. Did you know that our Lead GP Developer, Jim Peliksza is a huge Beatles fan and Technical Support Engineer Dana Haessig uses Life 360 so that she has peace of mind when her family travels.

Rockton has nearly 20 years in the GP world, and we’ve had customers and partners tell us that they can’t imagine using Microsoft Dynamics GP without us. Our reputation has been built through genuine connections with our customers by delivering quality products. It’s nice to know that our products are included in the Favorite Things category for so many businesses. As evidenced in this magazine, there are a lot of ways Rockton Software and our partner ISVs are coming together to make everyone’s work life Simpler & Easier®. Send us an email or give us a call, we’d love to talk to you about our Favorite Things!

What Does DRM Have That GP Doesn’t?
By Rhonda Sutliff

While GP offers many reports, there are limitations to where and how you can print them, and they need to be the GP created reports. Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) offers you flexibility that GP doesn’t. With DRM you can print most any report, from almost anywhere, at any time. This makes working with reports simpler & easier®! 

Variety of Reports
You can get most of the reports you need within GP; however, with DRM you can launch your report from almost anywhere in GP, including 3rd party products and integrating dictionaries. You could print SSRS, Crystal Reports, and others from the windows of your choice. You can even replace the existing Report Writer report with a different type of report. DRM allows you to launch reports from a variety of sources and programs, including:

  • Crystal Reports 
  • SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) 
  • FRx 
  • Management Reporter 
  • Report Writer 
  • Microsoft Word and Excel 
  • Any Dexterity-based third-party program

Variety of Launch Points
We don’t limit you to just windows. You can print from a Floating Palette, Shortcut Bar, Home Page, or even schedule a launch to print reports when you want, even if you are away from the office. With a scheduled launch, you determine if the report should be an hourly, daily, or monthly report. You also determine where you want the reports to print. This is helpful for large reports that may tie up a printer or resources. Scheduling a report to print overnight will free up that printer and resources for others to use. 

Print Destinations
Using DRM, reports can be sent to the screen, printer, or save to a file such as .pdf or Word. You can also email your reports. You have the ability to email reports in GP as well, but not just any report from any window. DRM gives you this flexibility using our Batch Report feature. For example, with the click of a button, you can email all Crystal Report invoices in a batch to the appropriate customer. What a time saver! 

Easy to Manage
Another great feature in DRM that you won’t find in GP is the Dynamics Report Manager Explorer window. This is a centralized window that will display the existing reports you print using DRM, regardless of report type or module. You can see all reports in one window and easily print multiple reports from this window. You can sort, configure, and group reports together for easy printing and viewing. This makes reporting more manageable. 

If you have any questions on DRM or need more information, please contact

You Get What You Pay For…And Then Some  |  January 2019
By Kris Berger

Vintage 1960s Bobble-heads

Price is important when you want or need to buy something. Whether it’s a new vehicle, a bobble-head of your favorite character, or add on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you want the best deal for a quality product.

Rockton Software strives to make our product prices competitive and fair, yet attainable for your business. We don’t hide our prices and we don’t have hidden costs that will surprise you after the purchase. You can see our prices on our website under the Dynamics GP Solutions page. Select the appropriate Product and click Learn More.

Rockton’s pricing for the Microsoft Dynamics GP products is based on the GP Full Users registered in your system. Limited Users are not part of that count. We base our price on the user count as we believe the Return On Investment is beneficial for your entire organization. For additional information, check out the blog The Birds, the Bees, and Product Pricing.

You will also pay an Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) of 20% of the current product price. The AMA is required for the first year. By continuing to keep your AMA current, you will have access to unlimited support, enhancements and upgrades to keep your Rockton Software products running smoothly year after year – even if you change GP versions!

Pricing example including Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) pricing:

  • You have 10 full system GP users and the product you are purchasing is $270/users.
  • $2,700.00 USD is the current list price for 10 users at $270/user for the current product price
  • $540.00 USD is 20% of current list price so this is the AMA price

That is a great deal!
Most customers reach out to our support team 3-5 times per year, with larger companies contacting us quite a bit more. Consider the price of a typical support case is $250 or more per case. In the example above, after two cases, your Annual Maintenance Agreement has almost paid for itself in support alone. In addition to unlimited support through our team, you also have access to self-support information, reg keys for upgrades, and much more.

If the User Count pricing doesn’t work for you, we also offer subscription pricing. This offers even more flexibility on a pricing solution that works for you. You’ll have the option to pay monthly, rather than a larger, upfront capital expense.

When looking at the price of a product, look beyond the sticker and the time-saving features you’re going to receive. What other value does the price brings to your business?

In addition to the outstanding product you purchased from Rockton Software, you’re going to have the added value from:

  • Excellent support to help you along the way in setup, usability, and break/fix issues
  • Large self-service system with helpful documentation, blogs, videos, etc. to resolve issues and learn more.
  • A team that is continuously learning and sharing information through various sources.
  • Webinars offered on a variety of topics throughout the year for the novice to the expert.
  • A company that stands behind their product and takes pride in putting their name on it.

If you have any questions or need more information on your pricing options, contact

Thanks for taking the time to read our Rockton Software Blog about why pricing is important!

The definition of volunteer (verb | vol·un·teer) is to freely offer to do something, and while the 16 employees of Rockton Software take that definition to heart and join in volunteer activities this time of year, their involvement lasts throughout the entire year.  In fact, during the semi-annual employee retreat we try to incorporate a team volunteer activity. In September we spent time at Feed My Starving Children in Minneapolis where we not only packed food, we engaged in a little friendly competition.

A few years ago, Rockton enacted a 1-1-1 rule, where 1% of our team’s time, 1% of company profits, and 1% of our product is given to charities in our communities.  Employees enthusiastically jumped at the chance to engage with their chosen charity with the full support of the company. There is a wide and interesting range of nonprofits that are supported in the four communities where Rockton Software employees reside.

Bryan Page, a member of our development team, spends many hours working with Valley Water Rescue where he has held positions including diver, sonar operator, and drone pilot among others. When asked about his take on the Rockton Software 1-1-1 program his response was “I love having the 1-1-1 program, it allows us as employees the ability to go out and help in our immediate communities, as well as help in a broader reach with the software and profit payout.  It makes you feel proud to be a part of a company that cares enough to see the need and wants to help where they can.”

Sue Roe, a member of our sales team, states, “Even though I wind up doing much of my volunteer time outside of working hours, and so don’t always utilize much of the 21 hours Rockton provides, it really makes a difference to me to know that those hours are available to me. Particularly with the bedside singing, I feel free to “pick up and go” if I’m needed to honor a request for song during business hours. It’s so clear to me that the company places a high value on that kind of activity. I feel supported in saying, Yes, I can commit a certain portion of my life to my passion because I know I don’t HAVE to cram it all into my off-hours. And I appreciate that it doesn’t all have to be through well-known charities.” She volunteers her time with Sandpoint Threshold Singers, which is an international group that sings at bedside, in groups of 2 – 4 singers, for people who are “nearing the threshold” of death or are ill and in need of comfort.

Other charitable involvement by Rockton team members include food related nonprofits, Multiple Sclerosis event participation, homeless shelter service, English as a second language tutoring, animal shelter work and local school service. A complete list of nonprofits, favorite stories and the reasons for employee involvement can be found HERE. It’s worth a look, maybe it can reignite a charitable passion for you!

Wishing you a happy, healthy month of December and joy for the holiday that means the most to you!


Another GPUG Summit has come and gone, and we have (mostly) recovered from the chaos and late nights. We have moved on to working through trying to implement some of the exciting suggestions from our customers! As the newest member of the Rockton Software team (that’s me, second one from the right) it was quite the experience. It was apparent that you guys go all out with displays, information, and fun. As I reflect on my impressions from GPUG Summit 2018 I realized that it was most definitely my personal “baptism by fire“…here’s why…

Rockton has sponsored this event for 12 years. That’s EVERY GPUG Summit Conference. I knew going in that this was a big deal, and there was a lot of history at these events, but I didn’t expect the number of customers who came over to say “hi”, or partners who came over to share stories of their experiences with Rockton Software. It was astounding to me that so many people raved about Rockton Software and our products. It was refreshing and only served to underscore that I’d made a good decision by joining this company.

Watching Alicia Weigel present at two partner showcases resulted in a few thousand steps as I gave out prizes to more and more people who were actively engaged in the chance to work simpler & easier®. Rockton was delighted to find out that we had the largest partner session attendance of the event! Alicia used humor to not only effectively show our products at their finest, but to also gather insight into user needs within Dynamics GP. This information will allow our developers to create product road maps that solve real time issues.

And then we have the parties. I’ve never seen such a huge array of splashy, no holds barred parties, even in college! And that’s saying something; I went to Arizona State University. The GP Power Party was held at The Park in downtown Phoenix. With partners such as Njevity, Greenshades, Nodus, Jet Reports and Integrity Data we had a packed house full of new and old friends! We were thrilled at the participation in our Pie in the Face for Charity. We were able to donate over $3000 to Taylor Dorward as he works towards a full recovery from a devastating accident this summer. Shawn and his entire family were moved to tears by your thoughtfulness and support!

In my pre-interview research I was repeatedly told that a piece of software was never REALLY finished, and that became evident as I listened to conversations between the Rockton team and our booth visitors. The challenge before me is to effectively market in a constantly evolving industry. That, and I need to take voice lessons…you guys take your karaoke seriously. Very seriously.

As you’re reading this, you may have detected a different look and feel? We’re glad you noticed! Welcome to a brand new!

Just as the packages on grocery store shelves contain the same delicious cookies when they get a new look, our website still contains powerful resources and information for your consumption. We hope this new look will make it even easier for you to search, navigate, and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Dynamics 365

Visit our Dynamics 365 pages to learn about our new line of Business Applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly CRM). Our lineup of applications features Recurring Billing, Software Management, and Tax Processing.

Dynamics GP

Our Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-on products live under the Dynamics GP menu item. Peruse product information, watch product demos, and view related content for our most popular solutions.


Our experienced Rockton Software team is here to help! In addition to products that will make your work simpler and easier®, we provide implementation and training services along with custom development to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your Dynamics investment. Learn all about it under this tab.


Our resources page will be your one-stop shop for all things Rockton! Whether an end-user or a partner, we hope you take advantage of our robust new resource library. Here you’ll find upcoming webinars and events, demo and how-to videos, our blog, eBooks, white papers, and FAQs. And new, designed exclusively for our valued partners, we hope you’ll enjoy the Partner Center, where you can find marketing materials and administrative forms, and more.


If you want to download a Rockton Software product or you have a question regarding a product, this is the place for you! Access our extensive knowledge base, download products, review our product life cycle, and submit a support case all from one location!

Our Team

Meet our team and learn about all things Rockton on this page.

Partner Portal

For our valued Partners, the link to access our Partner Portal can be found in the upper right hand corner of our website from every page.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of! If you’re having trouble finding something, please let us know so we can assist you. We always welcome your feedback!


Sending invoices to your customers should be a simple process. Just send it and it’s paid.  Well not exactly.  The billing process can be a bit strenuous at times.  It’s important to hold on to those valued customers by providing excellent customer service and making sure invoices and payments are on time.

Follow these best practices to help navigate and eliminate the challenges that come with a billing cycle.  

1) Reach the Right Person

We all know that employees don’t stay at the same company in the same role until they retire. This proves problematic when you send an invoice out, only to find out months later that an individual is no longer with the company. Take the time to review the Customer Account. Make sure you have the right contact or that you have more than one contact…just in case.

2) Timing is everything 

Define your billing cycle requirements. Are these monthly invoices, or annual?  Make sure to generate invoices early, giving the customer plenty of time to review and pay them. If possible, you may want to consider automating the processing by utilizing nightly jobs to create the invoices for you!

3) Value in Accuracy

Check for accuracy. Make sure that the quantity and the products or services you are billing for are correct.  Nobody wants to call the customer informing them of an error and they owe more!

4) Show the Detail

It’s great to know what you’re paying for. Ever get that invoice with just the amount due, like a medical bill that makes you ponder what you are paying for?Showing detail on the invoice so the customer knows what product or service they are paying for is meaningful and necessary.

5) Highlight Important Information

Call Attention to Due Dates and Amount Due. Make it easy for your customers to know what amount to pay and when it’s due. Highlight or Bold those fields to draw attention to them.

6) Promote Early Payment

You may want to consider offering discounts if paid early. Think about it, the quicker you have the money in your account, the better. Of course, on the flip side, if customers are behind on paying those invoices, you may want to consider assessing penalties.

7) Leverage the Invoice for Marketing

Add promotions, discounts for early payments, or services you may provide that the customer might not know about. Make every touch point count!

8) Provide Payment Options

Who doesn’t like options? Make sure you provide value to your customers by accepting multiple forms of payments such as Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, or PayPal. You may even consider adding an additional convenience; have the customer credit card on file (PCI complaint of course) and process the invoice automatically, sending the paid invoice with a BIG Thank you to your customer.

9) Track It

Ever get a call from a customer wanting to know their account balance? Wonder how many invoices were paid this month vs. last month or even last year?  Tracking information so you can quickly find it is crucial to the longevity of a business. Make sure you are utilizing reports, dashboards or some quick visual cues to identify the health of an Account.

10) Don’t Forget the Follow Up

Don’t forget to send that email letting your customer know you value their business. For larger invoices, a phone call is even better! Or to put that cherry on top, send a small gift at the end of the year to your MVC’s (most valued customers).

Like these tips? See how you can put them into action in our upcoming webinar on March 21st. Click here to register!

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