Inactivity Timeout Tool Saves Time and Money with a Remote Workforce

Inactivity Timeout Tool Saves Time and Money with a Remote Workforce

Is your team struggling to remember to log out of GP when they are logged in from home? Are you greeted to a Maximum Number of Users has been Reached message when you try to log into your Dynamics GP system?  Do you often have to run a routine to kick people out so users who need to be in the system can get in?

Most users and GP Admins respond with a resounding “YES”!

We have good news; you can put your users in Time Out. Well, maybe not good news for them. The Inactivity Timeout tool works exactly likes it sounds. You can automatically log users out of the system if they are inactive for a pre-defined amount of time and remove those inactive users with ease.

Here are a few ways this tool can help you and your team:

Enable Users to log into Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Using the Inactivity Timeout tool can help when there is a need to lower your Dynamics GP FULL User Type count or the count has already been lowered.
  • The enabling and easy setup of the tool will aid in logging Users out of the system who are no longer active in Dynamics GP and allow for other Users to log into Dynamics GP.

Graceful logouts

You no longer need to reach out to your IT department to delete a User who has left for the day by removing their record in the ACTIVITY table.

Inactivity Timeout logs a User out of the system the same way it would if you were to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP | Exit or the Microsoft Dynamics GP Close button. It’s a complete log out of GP and the ACTIVITY table.

No need to worry about Active sessions being logged out.

The Inactivity Timeout tool is smart! If you are actively working in the system, even if a process takes a long time, you will NOT be logged out if you are posting a batch or waiting for a report to generate. It also knows if you are midway through entering a transaction and need to complete it. Dynamics GP will provide a message asking the user if they want to save their changes but will NOT log them out. We don’t assume what you want to do with your work in those cases, so there is no risk of stuck data.

Flexibility with User Groups

User Groups can be created and then added to the Inactivity Timeout tool to specify the following:

  1. If the User Group should be included or excluded from the tool. For example, an ADMIN group could be created for Users like ‘sa’ and then marked as excluded from the Inactivity Timeout tool. Then the rules never apply to that user and they are never automatically logged out.
  2. The number of minutes inactive before gracefully logging the users specified in the User Group will be logged out of the system.
  3. This is helpful with light users who may only access the system for a brief period of time each day – you can set this timer for 5 minutes, so those licenses are rarely tied up.
  4. Schedule when the Inactivity Timeout is active or inactive for the User Group.
  5. Specify the default minutes inactive before timing out for all Users not specified in a User Group. This is a great catch-all if you don’t want to put all your users into specific groups right away!

Check out this quick video to see this tool in action.

Inactivity Timeout Tool Saves Time and Money with a Remote Workforce

This just one of the 27 tools in our Dynamics GP Toolbox. It is one of our most popular Dynamics GP add-ons, is packed with a ton of functionality designed to save you time, money, and frustration all while improving your Dynamics GP user experience.

Next Steps:

You can always email us as well with any questions or concerns at

Pricing Strategies - Rebates

Welcome to our price strategies video series. In this series, we are going to take you on a virtual journey and show you the ways to save money, time, and headaches when it comes to managing your pricing strategies.

So, let’s get started!

Wouldn’t you love to keep your customers happy?  I hope you are answering with a resounding YES!

Rebates are a great incentive program, but they come with a ton of processes and headaches to manage and keep track of. One thing holds true, you need to make sure you are not overpaying or underpaying.

You need a strategy, not just offer them because “that is what everyone else is doing”.

Top points to consider:

  1. Rebates are part of the industry. You need to know how your competitors use them. You need to have concrete reasons as to why or why not you should offer them.
  2. Programs and rebates need to be well thought out. You need to have a plan, a strategy, and a process to track, report on, and incentivize not only your customers but your sales staff too.
  3. Rebates should not be based entirely on growth. Eventually, every distributor has a flat year. If the rebates are heavily skewed in the growth direction it could take revenue away from your channel when they need it most for driving sales forward.
  4. The best rebate programs are built around distributor behavior. If you want to displace niche competitors on the distributor’s shelf, link the rebate to being the only product line on their website. Want better visibility in their showroom, base the rebate on being the only product line displayed. We could list a dozen more points like this but, you get the picture.

Rebates Simplified

With Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) we take the guess work out of the who, what, and when your customers get paid.

  • Rebates are easy adjustments to setup in Rockton Pricing Management
  • Rebates can be done as percentages or amounts
  • Rebates can be setup to accrue in any GL account you designate
  • Rebates can be driven by item, customer, date and location specific using a variety of filters

You can break out unlimited adjustments to a single line item on an order, so it doesn’t just have to be a rebate calculation. In the example below, the item is being sold with a rebate, a customer incentive and a sales commission with each adjustment going to a separate GL account.

Rebate Calculation


Rebates are just one of the many pricing strategies that can be cumbersome and time-consuming but also beneficial and successful if the right tools are in place to manage them.

Whether you have Dynamics GP, Business Central, or Acumatica; RPM has you covered. There is a way to manage rebate programs effectively so you can ditch those spreadsheets and manual processes.

Because who doesn’t want to spend less time worrying about losing money on rebates and more time actually getting things done?

Project Cost New Features

Project Cost is the most fully and tightly integrated project module for Microsoft Dynamics GP, with GP requisition integration, and cash receipts processing. And we are only making it better.

What’s NEW in Project Cost??????

We have a few features you should know about to help streamline processes, gain greater visibility into projects, and track requisition workflows.

Track those Cash Receipts

  • You can tag cash receipts to any project or task
  • Track them in your inquiry window
  • See cash receipts that have been received for a project
  • Track multiple funding sources and tag to a single project

How to track:

  1. Turn on enable cash receipts processing in the set-up window.
  2. Put in a sales transaction, tag it to a customer and project and task, when a customer sends in payment they will indicate the invoice they are paying, so you can create a receipt and apply.  Since the sales transaction was already tagged to a project and task you can pull down the information to see where the cost and revenue were associated.
  3. You can then look at the project and task on the cash receipt.

Project Cost Cash Receipts

If you haven’t been doing this already, it is a good idea to inquire on your projects from the inquiry window to see the performance of your projects. You will have access to hyperlinks to drill down on more information such as details about the transaction link like PO commitments.

Greater visibility with Requisitions

  • Project Cost works with GP requisitions
  • Tag a project and a task for an expense

Turn on the GP workflow piece to take advantage of its full functionality.

YOU will gain greater visibility into the entire process and see when:

  • Requisitions convert to a PO
  • It is approved
  • Vendor receives PO
  • Goods are received

Purchase Requisition Entry Window

PO Requisition Entry Screen

Reporting at your fingertips

Project Cost has a new tool to make reporting work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP and with your projects.

Two tips:

  • You can print reports from a single window
  • You need to be logged in as anyone but SA

With this reporting tool you can pull in:

  • From and to date
  • A particular project
  • Allocations
  • A particular budget

Profit and Loss

All reports can be exported to excel and emailed to anyone who needs it. It also comes with a collection of out of the box reports such as Chart of Accounts.

If you are a government contractor, print out a 1034 report quickly and easily and in the correct format.

Even non-GP users can access reports, you can set up reports to be seen by everyone or certain users in the security options.

Check out this video to see it all in action!

Why Omni Price and SmartFill Make the Perfect Pair

There are just some things in life that are better together like chocolate and peanut butter, crackers and cheese, cinnamon and sugar. Ok, all this talk about food is making me hungry so let’s talk about solutions.

The ultimate Rockton Software power couple (drumroll please) is Omni Price and SmartFill. Individually, both products make work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP, but together, they make a dynamic duo.

Here are 4 ways Omni Price and SmartFill proves to be the perfect pair.

1) SmartFill in the Price Check window – Inquiry | Omni Price | Price Check:

We could all use a trusty sidekick at times. Just like Batman needed Robin to give him a hand in sticky situations, the same is true for Omni Price and SmartFill. 

Let’s say a customer calls in and needs a quote on one or more of your Items. You open the Price Check window and remember part of their Customer Name. You type in the part you remember in the Customer ID field and tab off. The Make a Selection window opens, and there you see and select which Customer is on the phone without having to ask them to repeat their name.

Crisis averted.

Let’s Dive Deeper

When doing price checks, SmartFill allows you to quickly do a search for the Customer. If it is the Customer Name, City, Phone Number, User Defined field, etc. that you know, you can enter that value into the Customer Number field in the Price Check window, tab off, and the Make a Selection window will open with the Customers that contain that value.

Note: You can add SmartFill to the fields that contain a lookup.

Here is how it looks from the Price Check window when you enter FIT for the Customer ID and tab off the field to open the Make a Selection :

2) SmartFill in the Sales Transaction Entry window – Transactions | Sales | Sales Transaction Entry: 

You are entering the Sales Transaction and are about to add an Item Number. With SmartFill, now you can type in part of the Item Number or Item Description. Tab off the Item Number field and the Make a Selection window opens with not only the Item Number but also the Quantity Available at each Site ID.

Here is an article to show you how to set up this view since it does not come natively in SmartFill.

Look at how much easier it is to find the Item Number with SmartFill in the Make a Selection window compared with Dynamics GP in the Items :

3) SmartFill in the Pricing Transaction Inquiry window – Inquiry | Omni Price | Pricing:

Some of the most famous couples have blossomed from non-traditional situations. Take Romeo and Juliet for example, against their families’ wishes they found love. Or perhaps, you are given options, just like everyone’s favorite reality show: The Bachelor. How does this apply to Omni Price and SmartFill you ask?

Let’s say you need to view some of the Pricing Transactions. So you open the Pricing Transaction Inquiry window and see that you have several options to choose from in the Selection Range. You know the Contract ID and/or Contract Description contains Mark so you enter that in the Contract ID From field and tab off the field. In the end, the Make a Selection window opens where you are then able to select which Contract ID you want to see the Pricing Transactions for, and offer up your final.

4) SmartFill in the Price List Maintenance window – Reports | Omni Price | Price Lists:

One of your customers calls and they would like to see a report with their special pricing. You can utilize the Price List Maintenance window in Omni Price to print out a report for your specific customer and item. There are several options available to select. In this example, you wanted to show the customer their Original Pricing, Special Pricing, and Contract ID for the Retail Price Level and for the Base Unit of Measure. Here are screenshots of the options selected and the report output:

If you have a lookup field where SmartFill is not currently enabled on it, SmartFill has an awesome Wizard that will help you. Click here to view a KB with an example of how to use it, including a how-to video.

We invite you to give this pair a try with our 30-Day Free Trial.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July of 2016, but has since been updated to add more value and accuracy.

You have options when it comes to pricing in Dynamics GP

Some are natively within GP, while others are add-ons. We are going to go through 4 different options with you.

GP Standard Pricing is your basic pricing. You can create price levels and assign them to customers, so they get the needed pricing. It is easy to set up. When you enter transactions, the price level will usually default and pull the price for them. They can always change it, but it is just a simple way to pull in the price.

Extended Pricing is also from Microsoft and is a bit more flexible than Standard Pricing. It is entirely separate, so in order to use it, you have to turn it on. It will then completely ignore Standard Pricing. It can be annoying to have to switch between the two.

Omni Price takes pricing to a new level. With Omni Price, you have more ways to filter and can have multiple contracts. You can prioritize them as well, so if there is more than one contract valid for a transaction line, it will then look at the priority. A central feature of Omni Price is that you can use dates to filter the contract. This is big for those places that have special pricing just for a date range or even annual pricing.

Rockton Pricing Management is also a pricing tool like Omni Price but with more functionality and flexibility that most pricing needs can be met and if not, it is highly doubtful any pricing solution could do it.

Dynamics GP Pricing Options

What are the Pros and Cons for each?

Standard Pricing

You can create different price levels per Item to determine pricing. This allows you to assign different pricing to customers. For example, you could have Item A that is $5 for warehouse customers, $7 for retail customers, but then maybe you also have some loyal customers where it is $6. This allows you to assign the appropriate price level per customer.

You also have different options on how you calculate a price within GP. These are price methods. You can base it on the cost of the item (the amount you paid to get the item in stock). So maybe you paid $10 and you use a price method of % of current cost and you choose 2% – the price it sells at would be $12. You could also have it based on the price you choose. Lots of options.

That info is pretty standard for an ERP software. The add-on products are where it adds more flexibility.

Extended Pricing

This is an add-on in Dynamics GP, but it is still part of GP. This is a little different than the GP standard pricing. If you are going to use Extended Pricing (EP), then you need to enable it and GP Standard pricing is completely ignored. You instead use Price Sheets and Price Books to get your pricing. With EP, you can have date-driven pricing and can be more customer-driven. You can also do promotions through EP such as buy one get one 50% off or buy three and get one free.

Omni Price

You can definitely step up your pricing game now. Omni Price allows for more complex pricing scenarios but is easily added to GP on top of the Standard Pricing. Therefore, all your existing pricing is still valid. You can add to the existing pricing, but you can also set up rules to override the standard prices based on several conditions. Omni Price offers greater flexibility on pricing than offered by Standard Pricing or Extended Pricing because of its use of filters and intra range selection.

Rockton Pricing Management

Like Omni Price but more robust. Extremely flexible pricing. It meets almost any pricing needs you may have. You can base pricing off GP pricing and then add calculations. Rockton Pricing Management isn’t any ordinary pricing tool. It’s only the most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP!) pricing solution ever available.

As you can see, whatever your pricing needs are, Dynamics GP and Rockton Software have got you covered. No matter how simple or complex, we have the right pricing tool for you!

Compliance Tips N Tricks in Dynamics GP

Rockton Software and Greenshades have come together to share their compliance tips-n-tricks and what you need to know in regards to the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act.

Auditor is a simple (yet robust) data-change management tool. While fraud prevention is the most common reason Auditor provides outstanding value for Microsoft Dynamics GP, the personal and customized fit offers the flexibility of tracking data changes for many reasons.

Here are 7 ways you may want to be in the know when it comes to tracking changes.

  1. Easily track when a new employee is added to the system.
  2. Keep track of important personal information such as a name change.
  3. Track changes across the entire system (even other 3rd party products like Greenshades).
  4. Audit silently in the background or have an employee tell you why they are making the change.
  5. Set up e-sign approval on a particular field like sensitive information such as a social security number.
  6. Get reports for all of your Payroll changes within Dynamics GP with a standard SmartList.
  7. Track pay codes assigned to employees such as Caregiver and Quarantine and salary and hourly.

Greenshades wants to keep you in the know with all the changes to pay codes, remote employees, as well as Federal and State changes in particular to the I-9 and W-4.

Here are 4 tips to be aware of as we focus on the new FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Relief Act).

Tip 1 – Create at least 3 new codes to track: Two pay codes setup for both Caregiver and Quarantine; Families First Coronavirus Response Actthen one for salary and one for hourly.

Tip 2 – With everyone now working virtually, you may have new remote locations, which can create further tax implications. Make sure you set up and manage local tax rates. Also, set up a streamlined approval to review, update, and add the local tax rates now.

Tip 3 -Now is the time to make the appropriate updates to wage-based unemployment as well as social security.

Federal Payroll ComplianceTip 4 – Make sure you are current with the 2020 HR and Compliance updates. There are quite a few Federal I-9 changes and this year has the largest number of changes to the W-4 (this includes both Federal and State).

These can include:

  • Changes in conjunction with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
  • Changes designed to make withholding more accurate.
  • Simplifying withholding for those with multiple jobs and two-earner families.

Greenshades and Rockton provide a valuable pairing of tools, especially with the unique circumstances of tracking all the new changes involved with FFCRA.

To get a more in-depth look at all of these changes and tools please check out our recorded webinar.

About Rockton Software

Work Simpler & Easier® isn’t just a catchy motto. It’s a lifestyle.

Rockton Software is a virtual company with employees in seven states and its headquarters in Erie, Colorado. Serving over 100,000 users worldwide, Rockton Software supports innovation by offering Microsoft Dynamics add-ons for all industries. Whether you’re in need of auditing, pricing, searching, reporting, or general user enhancements, we’ve got the solution for you!

About Greenshades

Passionate professionals. Game-changing solutions.

Greenshades Software delivers an independent, field-proven platform centered around proactive compliance, automated tax calculations and robust employee engagement. With 4,000+ clients, an average client tenure of 11+ years, and some of the highest net promoter scores in the industry, Greenshades can transform your payroll and HR obstacles into business-enhancing opportunities.

Volunteering is part of company culture

Part of our culture

Volunteering is becoming more and more part of our country and part of company culture.

The 2018 Volunteering in America report found that 77.34 million adults (30.3 percent) volunteered through an organization last year. Altogether, Americans volunteered nearly 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated $167 billion in economic value, based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour for 2017.

Here at Rockton we take volunteering to heart and are grateful for the chance to give back to society. In fact, we each donate 21 hours a year, which is a total of 441 hours.

So, what have the Rockton volunteers been up to lately?

Kris Berger, QA Development Team Lead

I have been volunteering 4 hours a week with the Fargo Lego Robotics League. The league runs from September through mid-late February, or later, depending on how far the team makes it in competitions.Lego Builder

I volunteer as a coach with a competitive team of 6 kids in coding robot missions and project research in preparation for regional and state competition. Each year the national league provides missions to complete, as well as a project theme. This year, the project theme is bettering your community. The kids on my team have chosen to research and present on the topic of CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and how to use that to better our community.

They finished the year by making it to the state competition and taking 1st place in presentation and 4th place in robotics.

Sue Roe, Sales Assistant

I use my volunteer hours for Sandpoint Threshold Singers. We are part of Threshold Choir International, and we sing at bedside for people who are dying, ill, in need of comfort, etc. Most of our referrals come thru hospice.

threshold choirI have been part of this organization for about 5 years. There are 15 active members. We sing acapella in small groups, usually 3 or 4 singers. Most of the songs we sing at bedside were written by members of Threshold Choir International, specifically to be sung at bedside. There harmonies are very beautiful, gentle, and moving.

Are you looking to boost your company culture and morale? Volunteering is a great way. If you build a culture through volunteering programs you will see improved retention, increased collaboration, and build a culture that people are proud to be part of. Employees value the opportunity to give back to their community, but it’s always nice to feel like your employer has the same values as you do.

Find information up to 83% faster with Rockton’s quick and easy Google-style data search tool

It’s no wonder SmartFill is one of our most popular products when you can find information that fast.

How does it work?

With SmartFill, simply type what you know into the search bar. Maybe you only have a few letters of a name or part of an item ID. No problem! Simply type it in and within a few seconds you’ll have all your matches listed right in front of you. With our Dynamics GP search tool, you’ll even see similar items that might have typos so you don’t enter anything twice.

Key features:

  • Quickly find nearly anything in Dynamics GP AND your third-party products with one GP add-on
  • Enjoy 4,000+ pre-defined lookups or customize your own in a snap
  • Choose from filtered lists when you have more than one match
  • Eliminate duplicate entries with results that include similar items and typos
  • “Begins with” and “Contains” lookups require minimal information to find what you need

SmartFill is the tool to help you work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP. Check out why you should change the way you search for things.

search tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The GP Optimizer magazine is here!

We’re excited to share the solutions that Rockton Software and many of our partners can provide. As with our Summer 2019 edition, we decided to group the articles around one cohesive theme. This edition is all about Customers, Community, and Collaborate.Dynamics GP Optimizer Magazine

Our contributing ISVs have definitely gone above and beyond in providing creative content around these three important words. Because without these three words we would not be where we are today. Our solutions and this magazine would not exist.

Our fellow ISVs brought some great insight into these areas.

You can read about:

  • authentic customer engagement
  • why company culture matters
  • collaborative solutions

We are proud to continue offering this valuable resource to Dynamics GP users everywhere. We appreciate your continued support of this worthy publication and hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading!

Our Dynamics Report Manager tool, more commonly known as DRM, is a report generation engine that allows you to generate reports from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You can generate reports that are built-in other reporting tools, including SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Report Writer, Management Reporter, and even Report Writer reports if they are not built on temp tables.

SSRS Report Settings:

When you write an SSRS report and you want to generate that report from within GP. You will need to set up that feature in Dynamics Report Manager.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the yellow r, then click System Settings.
  2. Click the SSRS tab.
  3. Verify that you have the correct URL to your Report Server setup, so you can easily import any SSRS report into DRM.

Under Windows Credentials, if you check the box for ‘Impersonate Windows User’ and fill in the fields, you can generate an SSRS report based on that Windows user’s credentials.

You can also mark any of the Windows Options that you prefer.

Dynamics Report Manager System Settings

The settings in the above window are to allow defaulting onto the reports you will manually create or import into DRM.

Importing Reports via DRM Utilities:

If you have several SSRS or Crystal reports that you would like to bring into DRM, you can import those reports into DRM in a mass import process.  To do this for SSRS reports, follow these steps:

Click Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Utilities | Dynamics Report Manager | Import Reports.

Choose SQL Server Reporting Services as the Report Type. You should see this window as DRM connects to your SSRS environment:

Reporting Window - Dynamics GP

Next you will see a list of all your SSRS reports.

SQL Server Reporting Services

Check the report or reports you would like to import and click Import.

You should receive a message that states, “Import Complete”.

If you do not see your list of reports, it is a connection to the SSRS reports issue, which is typically related to permissions to the reports for the user who is attempting to import the reports.  In other words, a GP user may not have access to the SSRS reports, and this permission issue is an SSRS reports permission issue.

Adding the Lookup ID on a DRM Report Parameter:

I have a report called Simple Invoice, and it has two parameters, the Invoice Number and the SOP Type.  This report can be used to print invoices from Sales Order Processing, or it could also print Quotes, Orders, etc.  In my report, I want to be able to do a lookup on the Invoice Number, so I don’t have to remember the Invoice Number I am attempting to print.  To do this, I will need to add that Lookup ID on my report parameter.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Dynamics Report Manager Explorer window, highlight the Simple Invoice report, and click edit.
  2. In the Report Maintenance window, highlight the InvoiceNumber Parameter and click edit.
  3. Click the Lookup next to Lookup ID and choose INVOICE.
  4. Click OK to close the window.
  5. Save your changes.

The next time you generate this report, you will have the ability to use a lookup to find your invoice number.  DRM has several built-in lookup ID’s to choose from, and you can also create your own, if the one you seek is not available.

Join us for a Deep Dive into SmartFill and Dynamics Report Manager on March 19th to make sure you are utilizing these products to their fullest potential.

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