Volunteering is part of company culture

Part of our culture

Volunteering is becoming more and more part of our country and part of company culture.

The 2018 Volunteering in America report found that 77.34 million adults (30.3 percent) volunteered through an organization last year. Altogether, Americans volunteered nearly 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated $167 billion in economic value, based on the Independent Sector’s estimate of the average value of a volunteer hour for 2017.

Here at Rockton we take volunteering to heart and are grateful for the chance to give back to society. In fact, we each donate 21 hours a year, which is a total of 441 hours.

So, what have the Rockton volunteers been up to lately?

Kris Berger, QA Development Team Lead

I have been volunteering 4 hours a week with the Fargo Lego Robotics League. The league runs from September through mid-late February, or later, depending on how far the team makes it in competitions.Lego Builder

I volunteer as a coach with a competitive team of 6 kids in coding robot missions and project research in preparation for regional and state competition. Each year the national league provides missions to complete, as well as a project theme. This year, the project theme is bettering your community. The kids on my team have chosen to research and present on the topic of CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and how to use that to better our community.

They finished the year by making it to the state competition and taking 1st place in presentation and 4th place in robotics.

Sue Roe, Sales Assistant

I use my volunteer hours for Sandpoint Threshold Singers. We are part of Threshold Choir International, and we sing at bedside for people who are dying, ill, in need of comfort, etc. Most of our referrals come thru hospice.

threshold choirI have been part of this organization for about 5 years. There are 15 active members. We sing acapella in small groups, usually 3 or 4 singers. Most of the songs we sing at bedside were written by members of Threshold Choir International, specifically to be sung at bedside. There harmonies are very beautiful, gentle, and moving.

Are you looking to boost your company culture and morale? Volunteering is a great way. If you build a culture through volunteering programs you will see improved retention, increased collaboration, and build a culture that people are proud to be part of. Employees value the opportunity to give back to their community, but it’s always nice to feel like your employer has the same values as you do.

Find information up to 83% faster with Rockton’s quick and easy Google-style data search tool

It’s no wonder SmartFill is one of our most popular products when you can find information that fast.

How does it work?

With SmartFill, simply type what you know into the search bar. Maybe you only have a few letters of a name or part of an item ID. No problem! Simply type it in and within a few seconds you’ll have all your matches listed right in front of you. With our Dynamics GP search tool, you’ll even see similar items that might have typos so you don’t enter anything twice.

Key features:

  • Quickly find nearly anything in Dynamics GP AND your third-party products with one GP add-on
  • Enjoy 4,000+ pre-defined lookups or customize your own in a snap
  • Choose from filtered lists when you have more than one match
  • Eliminate duplicate entries with results that include similar items and typos
  • “Begins with” and “Contains” lookups require minimal information to find what you need

SmartFill is the tool to help you work simpler and easier® in Dynamics GP. Check out why you should change the way you search for things.

search tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The GP Optimizer magazine is here!

We’re excited to share the solutions that Rockton Software and many of our partners can provide. As with our Summer 2019 edition, we decided to group the articles around one cohesive theme. This edition is all about Customers, Community, and Collaborate.Dynamics GP Optimizer Magazine

Our contributing ISVs have definitely gone above and beyond in providing creative content around these three important words. Because without these three words we would not be where we are today. Our solutions and this magazine would not exist.

Our fellow ISVs brought some great insight into these areas.

You can read about:

  • authentic customer engagement
  • why company culture matters
  • collaborative solutions

We are proud to continue offering this valuable resource to Dynamics GP users everywhere. We appreciate your continued support of this worthy publication and hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading!

Our Dynamics Report Manager tool, more commonly known as DRM, is a report generation engine that allows you to generate reports from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You can generate reports that are built-in other reporting tools, including SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Report Writer, Management Reporter, and even Report Writer reports if they are not built on temp tables.

SSRS Report Settings:

When you write an SSRS report and you want to generate that report from within GP. You will need to set up that feature in Dynamics Report Manager.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the yellow r, then click System Settings.
  2. Click the SSRS tab.
  3. Verify that you have the correct URL to your Report Server setup, so you can easily import any SSRS report into DRM.

Under Windows Credentials, if you check the box for ‘Impersonate Windows User’ and fill in the fields, you can generate an SSRS report based on that Windows user’s credentials.

You can also mark any of the Windows Options that you prefer.

Dynamics Report Manager System Settings

The settings in the above window are to allow defaulting onto the reports you will manually create or import into DRM.

Importing Reports via DRM Utilities:

If you have several SSRS or Crystal reports that you would like to bring into DRM, you can import those reports into DRM in a mass import process.  To do this for SSRS reports, follow these steps:

Click Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Utilities | Dynamics Report Manager | Import Reports.

Choose SQL Server Reporting Services as the Report Type. You should see this window as DRM connects to your SSRS environment:

Reporting Window - Dynamics GP

Next you will see a list of all your SSRS reports.

SQL Server Reporting Services

Check the report or reports you would like to import and click Import.

You should receive a message that states, “Import Complete”.

If you do not see your list of reports, it is a connection to the SSRS reports issue, which is typically related to permissions to the reports for the user who is attempting to import the reports.  In other words, a GP user may not have access to the SSRS reports, and this permission issue is an SSRS reports permission issue.

Adding the Lookup ID on a DRM Report Parameter:

I have a report called Simple Invoice, and it has two parameters, the Invoice Number and the SOP Type.  This report can be used to print invoices from Sales Order Processing, or it could also print Quotes, Orders, etc.  In my report, I want to be able to do a lookup on the Invoice Number, so I don’t have to remember the Invoice Number I am attempting to print.  To do this, I will need to add that Lookup ID on my report parameter.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Dynamics Report Manager Explorer window, highlight the Simple Invoice report, and click edit.
  2. In the Report Maintenance window, highlight the InvoiceNumber Parameter and click edit.
  3. Click the Lookup next to Lookup ID and choose INVOICE.
  4. Click OK to close the window.
  5. Save your changes.

The next time you generate this report, you will have the ability to use a lookup to find your invoice number.  DRM has several built-in lookup ID’s to choose from, and you can also create your own, if the one you seek is not available.

Join us for a Deep Dive into SmartFill and Dynamics Report Manager on March 19th to make sure you are utilizing these products to their fullest potential.

We are packing our virtual bags and moving to a bigger and better communications platform!   

We don’t want you to miss a thing as we transition to our new system.  Please follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to stay in the loop on upcoming webinars, events, blogs, and news.   

As always, you can still contact us at: sales@rocktonsoftware.com or call us at: 877.476.2586  

We greatly appreciate your patience as we unpack our bags and get comfortable in our new home. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news as Rockton continues to grow our business and find more ways to help make your Work Simpler & Easier ®! 

The Rockton Team 

Rockton Pricing Management is Certified for Acumatica

The Rockton Pricing Management application is recognized as an “Acumatica-Certified Application” by the Cloud ERP company

Erie, CO — Feb. 10 — Rockton Software today announced that its software has been recognized as an Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA). Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP company, has been recognized as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises 2019, as well as in The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Midsize Enterprises.

Acumatica is a comprehensive, browser-based Cloud ERP solution optimized for ease of use, adaptability, mobility, speed, and security. The ACA title highlights outstanding development partners whose applications have met the highest standards set for Acumatica integration and functionality.

“Customers who want to stay competitive need flexible, responsive technology to execute their long-term business strategies,” said Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica. “Our ACA label is built to help customers find applications capable of delivering that. We’re proud to recognize Rockton Pricing Management as an Acumatica-Certified Application. It masterfully utilizes the Acumatica platform to meet customers’ growing business demands.”

To become an Acumatica-Certified Application, Rockton Software has demonstrated commitment to quality by passing the Acumatica software test and aligning to future Acumatica roadmap releases.

“We’re honored to receive this kind of recognition from the Acumatica developers themselves,” said Mark Rockwell, Rockton Software. “This is a testament to the strength of our application and the depth of our integration with the Acumatica platform. With our suite of enhancements and Acumatica’s solid foundation, I believe the sky’s the limit for us.”

About Rockton Software

Rockton Software is a virtual company with employees in seven states and its headquarters in Erie, Colorado. Serving over 100,000 users worldwide, Rockton Software supports innovation by offering Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica add-ons for all industries. Whether you’re in need of auditing, pricing, searching, reporting, or general user enhancements, we’ve got the solution for you! Learn more by visiting, www.rocktonsoftware.com.

About Acumatica

Acumatica provides cloud-based business management software that enables small and mid-size companies to accelerate their businesses.  Built on cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, on a robust and flexible platform. For more information, visit www.acumatica.com.

Rockton retreats are anything but dull and boring, especially when you are in Vegas.

This year we kicked off our first day meeting in small groups to discuss and understand what was working well and what could be improved. Stress levels are always important to evaluate and compare to previous retreats.

With all the changes and tremendous growth over the past year, strategizing was key. We brainstormed our plans and processes so we can best utilize our team to help us go even further in the future.

Thursday morning, we boarded the  Zappos shuttles for a tour of their amazing facility and to learn more about their culture. Wow, this place had great ambiance and it was fun to see so many cultural similarities.  They kicked off the tour with videos and talking about the core values of the company, which they proudly display so everyone understands what it means to be part of the Zappos Family.

Top Notch Customer Service

One thing that really stood out is their huge focus on customer service.  They go above and beyond and will do everything they can to make a customer happy.

They even display records set by employees, such as a call with a customer that lasted 10 hours! Believe it or not, they aren’t spending that 10 hours calming the customer. Instead, they focus on creating and building that relationship on a personal level.

And to give that great customer service, they make sure to take care of their employees. They focus on hiring the right people and want employees to love their job and want to be there. The atmosphere is fun, the energy is infectious and all the employees we met were engaging.  They talked about earning Zollars to spend in the company store and being encouraged to give back to the community and to each other.  They provide massage chairs, a workout room, drinks and snacks, game rooms and a one-of-a-kind state of the art aquarium nap room. For all you pet lovers…they can bring their dogs to work!

We ended the tour in true Rockton Style having a little fun ourselves by jumping into the ball pit!

Work Hard, Play Hard

While we did spend a lot of time brainstorming, staying caffeinated, and getting a lot of work done, you can’t go to Vegas without doing a little gambling and site seeing.

In the evening, we went down to historic Freemont Street and then Pink Taco at the Hard Rock casino. Some of us successfully walked away with big winnings and some of us donated $ to the casino.

We ended the amazing week with some Beatles LOVE. This Cirque du Soleil celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles through their timeless, original recordings. Using the master tapes at Abbey Road Studios, Sir George Martin and his son Giles Martin have created a unique soundscape of The Beatles music for the show.

This is definitely a show you should see the next time you plan a trip to Vegas.

In case you haven’t heard, we are expanding our solutions into the cloud space.

We can’t make work simpler and easier®  just for Dynamics GP anymore. With the launch of Rockton Pricing Management came the launch of expansion. This product is built outside with an API so it can work with any ERP solution.

Rockton Pricing Management

Pricing calculations in many ERP systems are limited and restrictive. Many customers need help in this area. This is where Rockton Pricing Management comes into play because it isn’t any ordinary pricing tool. It’s only the most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP!) pricing solution ever available. Why? Because you know here at Rockton, we don’t do ordinary.

Here’s how RPM makes pricing simpler, easier and faster.

  • Connect RPM with ANY ERP system
  • Automate even the most complex and obscure pricing scenarios and calculations
  • Enable date-driven pricing with all historical pricing tracked and archived
  • Always get the right pricing for the right customer at the right time
  • Easily set up and track all pricing changes, even daily

Why Acumatica?

It is a robust, affordable, and user-friendly ERP system for growing businesses. They are partner-friendly and Rockton Pricing Management is a great addition to their solution. It fits their customer profile and demographic.

We are taking pricing to the next level by automating pricing calculations for any scenario or adjustment. You create your base price list and exceptions and the tool automatically calculates and creates any price list you need. You will have automated workflows and triggers so you get a much-needed break from daily tasks.

You can integrate rebate management, pricing management, financial management, customer and supplier management and overall business management. And it is all done with RPM and Acumatica.

Diving into the community

We are diving right in by being a Gold Sponsor at Acumatica Summit and by being a founding member of acu-connect. It is important for us to get face to face time with partners and customers. It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Acumatica community. With vast amounts of new technology being added to every release, both by Acumatica and their development partners, there is no shortage of learning to be done.

We have built a company, a team, a family, and supported communities, while we continue to create and innovate products all around our vision and mission.

Working with over 5,500 companies, 100,000 customers and a combined 256 years of ERP and CRM experience, we are ready to take our expertise to the Acumatica space.

Here are some ways you can learn more and get connected:

Acumatica Summit

2020 is off to a smashing start and it only keeps getting better!  We are so excited to pack our bags and head to Vegas for Acumatica Summit, where we are a gold sponsor this year. We have a lot of exciting things in the works and we hope you can come help us celebrate!

We are Certified!

Rockton Pricing Management has passed the certification process with flying colors. We can’t wait to show you how we make pricing simpler, easier and faster.

Rockton Pricing Management is the most flexible, powerful, multi-platform (yes, it works with any ERP!) pricing solution ever available.

Do you:

  • Manage multiple price-lists?
  • Lose way too much money on rebates?Certified for Acumatica
  • Take forever to find the right pricing?

With RPM you get:

  • Automated Dynamic Pricing
  • Simplified Price Lists
  • Data-driven Pricing

Check out all these features and more at Acumatica Summit.

Where can you find us?

You can find the Rockton crew at the luckiest booth on the convention floor: booth #7! You can also test your own luck at our classic game of Plinko.  Insider tip: The odds are in your favor, everyone is a winner with Rockton!

Acu-connect is a great way to get involved in the community. Join your peers (VARs and ISVs) to learn how you can grow your business faster by getting more involved in

Acumatica Session at Summit

the acu-connect networking community that has grown to over 100 members in the first year.

If you want to learn more click here and check out our session on Monday, January 27th from 4:30 – 6:00 in Nolita 3 at the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Rockton is also participating in the money jar raffle with the amazing acu-connect founding members. Make sure to stop by our booth to get entered to win. The cash prize is $2,500! Who says you need to gamble to win some money?

Acumatica Summit Passport

Since 2006, Omni Price has been the most robust pricing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Over the years, we have improved its functionality based on our customers’ needs.

We also noticed that pricing was not only an issue within Dynamics GP but many other ERPs as well. So with that knowledge, Rockton Pricing Management (RPM) was born.

Whatever your pricing needs are, we’ve got you covered. No matter how simple or complex, Rockton has the right pricing tool for you! Learn more about the key differences in our latest Infographic.

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