• Assign a Specific GL Account to Every Discount Code in Acumatica

    Jane The Accounting Manager

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to assign a different GL account to different discounts in Acumatica? Meet Jane, the Accounting Manager. She knows John, the Sales Manager, has been offering multiple discounts which are great and all, but Accounting needs to be able to track these back to specific GL accounts. Why

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  • How To Efficiently Manage Pricing And Revenue In A Supply Chain

    Pricing and Revenue Management in the Supply Chain

    The main aim of pricing and revenue management in a supply chain is to create a balance between supply and demand, while simultaneously optimizing profits. Traditionally, businesses would tweak the availability of their assets. However, in this day in age, revenue management has adopted a different approach. One that focuses more on pricing as the main tool for leveling out supply and

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  • How To Install Auditor in 6 Easy Steps

    Auditor Fast Facts

    What does it mean? Auditor is FIELD specific auditing – what does that mean? It means you can look at any window in GP and pick and choose a particular piece of information on that window you want to capture changes to. Does that mean I can only audit one thing? Nope – there are

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  • Everything GP users need to know about SmartFill

    Frequently asked questions about SmartFill

    Here are some commonly asked questions and facts for SmartFill. What is SmartFill? It’s a Google-like search tool for finding a key piece of information or a specific record in Dynamics GP. What is a key piece of information? An Account, a Vendor, A document, A customer, a checkbook, an employee – almost anything Where

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  • The GP Optimizer is Doing Something Revolutionary Every Other Wednesday

    Dynamics GP Optimizer Watercooler Chats

    Once a magazine, now a movement The GP Optimizer once started as a digital magazine comprised of articles provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partners. Each article focuses on making your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP more worthwhile by addressing issues that you may be experiencing and providing ways to remedy them. Then in 2020,

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  • 7 Ways To Stop Duplication With Pricing and the Supply Chain

    Rockton Software and TrueCommerce Webinar

    Duplication of pricing, price adjustments, date-driven pricing, and promotions can be a daunting task. Is it a manual process for you? Do you have to keep track of a million spreadsheets? How about a pricing strategy, what does yours look like? When you think about your pricing strategies and offering discounts or promotions, it can

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  • What’s a better way to import time for your projects?

    Time Imports for Projects in Dynamics GP

    Are you spending hours getting information from your time clock or timekeeping system assigned to projects you’ve set up in GP? Did you know there is an: Import tool can make your job more accurate, timely, and efficient Easier way to import those payroll and journal entries needed for a specific project The Project Cost

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  • Wish you could give your customers multiple discounts?

    Meet John, he’s the Pricing Manager. He wants to do something extra special for his customers, like multiple discounts.What’s his struggle? He wishes he could offer: a standard 30-day promo key customer discount a bonus discount for those who buy more than 1 item anything else he can dream up🤔 Right now he can’t offer

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  • See The 6 New Features That Make SmartFill Even Better

    SmartFill New Features

    SmartFill, the #1 Rockton product, just got even better. Yes, we added 6 new features and we’re so excited to share them with you. It’s easy to see what new features have been added to SmartFill by accessing the What’s New in SmartFill document right within Microsoft Dynamics GP. 2 Ways to Access The What’s

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  • 4 Best Practices for Price Optimization

    Price Optimization for Dynamics GP and Acumatica

    Across many industries, businesses face the same problem: the market is becoming saturated with options every year, making the competition fiercer. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing your grip on the situation. Have no fear, there’s still a lot you have influence over, starting with your price optimization strategy. Take a look at the

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