Baptism by Fire | GPUG Summit 2018 Recap

Nov 2, 2018

Another GPUG Summit has come and gone, and we have (mostly) recovered from the chaos and late nights. We have moved on to working through trying to implement some of the exciting suggestions from our customers! As the newest member of the Rockton Software team (that’s me, second one from the right) it was quite the experience. It was apparent that you guys go all out with displays, information, and fun. As I reflect on my impressions from GPUG Summit 2018 I realized that it was most definitely my personal “baptism by fire“…here’s why…

Rockton has sponsored this event for 12 years. That’s EVERY GPUG Summit Conference. I knew going in that this was a big deal, and there was a lot of history at these events, but I didn’t expect the number of customers who came over to say “hi”, or partners who came over to share stories of their experiences with Rockton Software. It was astounding to me that so many people raved about Rockton Software and our products. It was refreshing and only served to underscore that I’d made a good decision by joining this company.

Watching Alicia Weigel present at two partner showcases resulted in a few thousand steps as I gave out prizes to more and more people who were actively engaged in the chance to work simpler & easier®. Rockton was delighted to find out that we had the largest partner session attendance of the event! Alicia used humor to not only effectively show our products at their finest, but to also gather insight into user needs within Dynamics GP. This information will allow our developers to create product road maps that solve real time issues.

And then we have the parties. I’ve never seen such a huge array of splashy, no holds barred parties, even in college! And that’s saying something; I went to Arizona State University. The GP Power Party was held at The Park in downtown Phoenix. With partners such as Njevity, Greenshades, Nodus, Jet Reports and Integrity Data we had a packed house full of new and old friends! We were thrilled at the participation in our Pie in the Face for Charity. We were able to donate over $3000 to Taylor Dorward as he works towards a full recovery from a devastating accident this summer. Shawn and his entire family were moved to tears by your thoughtfulness and support!

In my pre-interview research I was repeatedly told that a piece of software was never REALLY finished, and that became evident as I listened to conversations between the Rockton team and our booth visitors. The challenge before me is to effectively market in a constantly evolving industry. That, and I need to take voice lessons…you guys take your karaoke seriously. Very seriously.

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