Auditor isn't Displaying Audits in the Message Center or Sending Notifications

Feb 13, 2015

You have all of your Audit Groups setup and created some audits, but you’re noticing that the Message Center isn’t showing any audits and no Notifications are being sent to your specified System Administrators. What’s missing?

Let’s take a look at your Auditor System Settings window. You can get here  by navigating to Auditor l System Settings or Tools l Setup l Auditor l System Settings. Start by making sure that you have Users checked in the System Administrators section of the window; you will need to have the Message Center checkbox marked, if you want the particular user to receive Audit Notifications in the Message Center. To make sure that the user is receiving Email Notifications, you need to click on the Expand Button then mark the Email checkbox. In the line underneath the user, enter in the email address you’re wanting the Audit Notifications emailed to. The great part about the Notification deliver is that you can choose to only use the Message Center, get Emails, or both.

You will now need to take a look at the Audit Groups and the audits themselves. The key is to know exactly the audits you want to receive notifications on. Open up the Audit Group Maintenance window by going to Auditor l Audit Groups or Tools l Setup l Auditor l Audit Groups. Pull up an Audit Group then double-click (or highlight and click the edit button) on an audit.

Form Audits:
Double-click on a Form Audit to open the Auditor From Maintenance window. Double-click on the Fields being audited that you want to closely watch to open the Field Options window. Mark the ‘Notify System Administrators’ checkbox to receive notification of audits.

Note: the ‘Notify System Administrators’ checkbox needs to be marked for each individual Field that you want to receive Notifications. Otherwise, you will still see the audits in the Audit Log (SmartList).

Table Audits and SQL Table Audits:
Double-click on a Table or SQL Table Audit. In the screenshot below, you will see the Tracking Options area of the Maintenance window. If you want to receive notifications for ‘Adds’ or ‘Deletes’, then make sure those particular checkboxes are checked. Then, click on the Options icon.

The Field Options window will open. This is where you will need to mark the ‘Notify System Administrators’ checkbox to ensure a Notification will be sent are regarding the ‘Adds’ or ‘Deletes’. If you’re wanting to keep an eye on specific Fields, click on the Field then the Options icon; this will open the Field Options window, where you need to check ‘Notify System Administrators’.

Note: The ‘Notify System Administrators’ checkbox needs to be marked for each individual Field that you want to receive Notifications. Otherwise, you will still see the audits in the Audit Log (SmartList).

That’s it. You have everything setup and customized the way you want it. Now you should start to see items in the Auditor Message Center and/or via Email Notifications.

If you still don’t see the notifications, here are a few things you can check:
Registration Keys: Double-check your Registration Keys in the Auditor l Auditor Setup l Registration window to make sure it is entered in correctly, valid, correspond to the Microsoft Dynamics GP version you’re running, and that the User Count is correct. This is also true if you’re currently doing a free trial of Auditor. You will want to make sure the trial keys have been entered.
Email Notifications: You must be using a MAPI complaint email on the workstation that is being audited for the Email Notifications to be sent. The email client also needs to be open on the workstation.
Auditor Installed: For Auditor to work, it must be installed on all workstations that have Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you’ve tried those three things and your notifications are still not working, please contact

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