Assign a Specific GL Account to Every Discount Code in Acumatica

May 11, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to assign a different GL account to different discounts in Acumatica?

Meet Jane, the Accounting Manager. She knows John, the Sales Manager, has been offering multiple discounts which are great and all, but Accounting needs to be able to track these back to specific GL accounts.

Why is it important to assign these different price adjustments back to specific GL accounts?

  • It’s easier for Accounting to track
  • Gives Accounting a better view of what adjustments were applied and why
  • Automates this process versus creating separate entries each month

Jane wants to track:

  • Standard 30-day promo and bonus discount to computers & electronics
  • Key customer discount to sales and marketing

Right now, she can’t do that in Acumatica.

A lot to ask? We think not!

There is a way she can do all of it, she just needs some help from a specific pricing engine known as Rockton Pricing Management (RPM).

We got your back, Jane. Watch this quick 1-minute video to find out how:

or watch this 1 minute product example:

With RPM for Acumatica she now can:

  • Track all those discount codes back to specific GL Accounts
  • Save time not manually creating journal entries at the end of every month

Next steps:

  • Download our pricing strategies checklist
  • Schedule some time to chat with us


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