April Celebrations

Apr 27, 2023

Here at Rockton we like to celebrate all things, big and small, that bring joy to our lives.  We thought it would be fun to share our March celebrations with you and hopefully spread the joy around! Here are a few things the Rockton family celebrated this month.


The month of April is Donate Life month, an opportunity to raise awareness for the importance of organ donation and to honor those who have said YES to being a hero to someone in need. My daughter received an organ transplant when she was just one year old. We take every opportunity to honor the family that made the decision that resulted in the life saving transplant she received, and to encourage everyone to become an organ donor. Did you know 1 organ, eye, and tissue donor can save and heal more than 75 lives? Find out more and become a donor today: donatelife.net


    I think one of my favorite parts of April is the start of spring; the birds coming back; flowers starting to pop up; Colorado getting a freak 2 foot snow storm.

    Also as a sports fan it’s great, you have baseball starting up, both basketball (go Nuggets!) and hockey (go Avalanche!) playoffs starting. So fun times for that.

    But the most important thing about April is celebrating my mom and brother’s birthdays. Happy Birthday family!


    I love to celebrate Easter. When I was a kid, we almost always spent Easter with my grandparents. We would put our Easter baskets out the night before to wait for the Easter bunny, but my Grandpa would come out with a big fishing bucket and a tiny bit of fake grass at the bottom. He would tell us the Easter bunny is going to fill it to the top. Of course, that never happened but all the kids would get such a laugh out of it. That is where my love of Easter started. Now that I am older, I celebrate Easter for a different reason but I can’t help but think about Grandpa’s Easter bucket every year.

    Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue this month!

    This month we are celebrating the work anniversaries of 3 amazing team members!

    Kelli is celebrating 19 years with Rockton!

    I appreciate the passion Kelli has for Rockton. She loves the company and its culture, its products and services. She’s creative and doesn’t assume that the usual way is the best way. She’s open to all ideas and receives them with passion. The Rockton team notices this and we are driven to voice our own creative ideas.

    She also guides with encouragement, but not merely the you-can-do-it kind of encouragement. She gives the team the confidence to think beyond and go beyond the traditional.

    I feel so incredibly fortunate to work for and with Kelli! Her focus on hiring the right type of people and then nurturing those relationships has resulted in such a phenomenal work environment to be a part of.  She zeros in on a person’s talents and passions and finds ways to incorporate that into their careers. Her kindness and interest extend beyond the team, but also includes their families. She considers the perspectives of those she engages with and maintains an open mind in her decision making.  She also has a clear love of personal development and is continuously looking for ways to improve and encourages others to do the same.  Rockton is a really special place to work and I think a great deal of that is because of the love and care that Kelli has poured into it.

    Jim is celebrating 18 years with Rockton!

    I love and appreciate Jim’s humor, his dedication to creating amazing product with the customer’s needs in mind, his passion for Rockton and the team, his willingness to help, regardless of the ask, the care and intention he takes when dealing with hard situations, his wordsmithery, his love of the Beatles, all the crazy adventures I’ve talked him into and all the memories we’ve made.  Needless to say, I love and always have, working with him!

    Jim is a remarkable guy and such a great asset to our team. He is so incredibly knowledgeable, always thinking ahead to future product enhancements and customer needs. He has an amazing ability to work with anyone at their level of technical ability. He is approachable, kind, and reliable. We are so lucky to have him on our team!

    Sheila is celebrating 8 years with Rockton!

    Sheila is the queen of learning.  I appreciate her can-do attitude and how she just dives right in to learn all she can.   Her willingness to help and just get things moving, is second to none. I’ve admired her for years, and I’m continually impressed, and inspired with all that she does, those she cares for of and/or what she is learning next.  Sheila is a true gem.

    I love Sheila’s easy-going can-do attitude, as well as how she radiates positivity.  Sheila can get just about anything done, and will stay at it until the job is finished.  I appreciate her strong technical knowledge and willingness to dig in and figure things out.”

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