Rockton Connect

Rockton is happy to announce we are expanding our offerings to include Acumatica ERP!

We are excited to take our experience and expertise of working with over 2,000 companies, 55,000 customers and a combined 256 years of ERP and CRM to the Acumatica space.

For 20 years Rockton Software focused on making it our mission of developing products to make your work simpler and easier® and we will continue to do so. We believe in growth and expansion. Rockton Connect and Acumatica are a perfectly suited pair with Acumatica’s intuitive interface and customizable features, we are ready to take on a new adventure.

Why do companies choose to work with Rockton Connect?
Maybe it’s our 20+ years of ERP expertise. Perhaps it’s because we believe in giving you a fixed monthly price for everything. This includes implementation, service hours, and UNLIMITED support. It could also be because our passion is building relationships, not revenue.

Rockton Connect Industry Expertise and Solutions
Solving complex industry challenges happens to be our specialty. We tailor an ERP system for the most demanding industry requirements and develop integrated applications to optimize your business from end to end.

Food Distribution
We help food distributors improve margins, accuracy, and pricing whether you have 10 items or 10 million.
Medical Devices
We empower medical device manufacturers with visibility, traceability, and efficiency across your supply chain.
Rebate Management
We take the crazy, chaotic world of food distribution rebates and automate the whole process for you.
Pricing Management
We take the pain out of complex pricing scenarios making it easy, accurate, and automated.Rather than focus on selling technology, we focus on solving problems. With us, you’re not buying software—you’re gaining a partner for life. You need speed, reliability, and flexibility without sacrificing your hard-earned profits. Check out Rockton Connect to learn more.
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