Great News for Project Cost Users

Jun 23, 2021

Here at Rockton Software, we pride ourselves on adding customer-driven features to our products.  Here are the recently added/enhanced features we have added to our Rockton Project Cost software.


  • Dynamics GP vendor/customer modifier/combiner: The most recent release of Project Cost now supports Dynamics GP vendor modifier/combiner and customer modifier/combiner functionality. When you use the Dynamics GP to modify vendors/customers, the PC table columns that store the vendor ID and customer ID are updated in all PC related tables for transactions in any state (historical, open or work).


  • Re-open closed projects: Now we have simplified and added more security to the re-opening of closed projects functionality. We’ve added a password protection option for re-opening a closed project. You can require your PC users to enter a password to re-open a closed project. If they do not know it, they cannot re-open it.


  • SOP Invoice Line Queuing: Now queuing up SOP invoices lines is more precise and easier than ever before because we have added two new items to the Create SOP window’s restriction list: Project and Task Branch.  Only select exactly the tasks or project you require.


  • User Access Assignment: A new, more efficient user access assignment window has been provisioned which will allow you to assign user access en masse. Now, if you need to assign users to a new company, you can do it with 1 checkmark in 1 column. Also, if you need to assign a user to all companies, you can do so quickly and easily in 1 window.


  • Time and Expense:  We have removed the Microsoft Silverlight dependency and now Time and Expense is compatible with all modern internet browsers.


If you are an existing user of Rockton’s Project Cost, or if you are not but want to learn more, we would be happy to set up a personalized demo to show you these features and more.  Reach us at

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