2022 Price Change

Sep 30, 2021

It’s that time of the year when we start looking forward and making plans for the year to come.  Here at Rockton Software we value transparency and keeping our Partners and Customers informed. We wanted to bring to your attention our upcoming price change.

The Rockton Software team sent out the following email announcement of the upcoming changes to our product pricing, effective January 1, 2022. Our product prices will increase by $10 per user across all of our Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on perpetual products, and there will be modest increases in the prices of our subscription products as well. Click here to view the new 2022 product pricing.

Pricing Change FAQs

Q: How will this impact our annual maintenance renewals?

A: If your renewal is due on or before December 31st, 2021 there will be no change to your renewal rates. If your AMA renewal is due on or after January 1st 2022, your annual renewal rate will go up by $2.00 per user for our perpetual products.

Q: How often do your product prices change?

A: This is Rockton Software’s fourth price increase since 2014. We understand that price increases can have an impact on our customers, so our goal is to have smaller, more frequent increases instead of waiting several years and then implementing a large increase. We work to communicate any changes in pricing to our partners and customers a minimum of 90 days prior to the change.

Q: When did you last increase your prices?

A: Rockton’s last price increase was January 1, 2020. That increase was the same as this one, with perpetual product license prices going up $10 per user license and annual renewals going up $2 per user per product.

Q: What about Project Cost and Exchange Rate Import annual subscriptions?

A: Each of our annual subscription products will increase in price $100 per year. Click here to view the new 2022 annual subscription product pricing.

Q: What about monthly subscriptions?

A: Each of our monthly subscription products will increase in price $1 per user. Click here to view the new 2022 monthly subscription product pricing.

Our existing prices will remain in effect through December 31, 2021. Please contact the Rockton Software Sales team if you would like additional information regarding the pricing change.



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