Tax Processing

NOTE: This product has been sold to Inogic, please contact for all inquiries.

Customizable Tax Calculation

If your company sells products that require taxes be applied, we’ve made your work simpler & easier®!

Rockton Software’s Tax Processing application provides users across all industries with an automated approach to tax calculation directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. With this app, you’re sure to eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy, and save time for your entire team! Get your taxes applied correctly the first time in order to avoid headaches when tax season rolls around.

Tax Processing allows users to select the setup that best fits their unique business needs. Establish custom tax calculations complete with tax schedules or utilize a built-in integration with Avalara’s AvaTax*. The choice is yours, but the tax calculations are automatic.

Customizable Tax Calculation

When you utilize the customizable tax calculation option of this app, taxes will be a breeze! Create tax details designed to capture the essentials of a given tax, such as tax amount or percentage. Easily group these tax details into tax schedules that can be assigned to sales documents, creating document taxes. Tax schedules greatly reduce errors by eliminating the manual entry that was previously required of users.

Tax Integration with Avalara

Are you fighting a losing battle with frequently changing tax details? Leverage the industry leading capabilities of Avalara’s AvaTax product with our Tax Processing app. Say goodbye to the maintenance of tax details and tax schedules as AvaTax takes over, automatically ensuring that all tax data is current. This solution also offers cloud storage of taxes applied, easing the reporting process for taxes when year-end arrives. While you’re at it, enjoy address validation against postal standards. *AvaTax integration requires a separate product license with Avalara.


Product Highlights

  • Customize tax calculations
  • Create tax details (amount, percentage, etc.)
  • Create tax schedules
  • Assign tax schedules to documents
  • Reduce manual tax entry and errors

Tax Integration with Avalara

  • Leverage industry-leading capabilities of AvaTax
  • Eliminate maintenance of tax details and tax schedules
  • Cloud storage of taxes applied
  • Ease the reporting process for taxes
  • Address validation against postal standards