Why does Omni Notify sometimes prevent access to windows?

Why does Omni Notify sometimes prevent access to windows? From version 7.00 onwards, you may have Omni Tools and Advanced Security installed on the same system. One of Omni Notify’s features is to detect problems with Toolbar and Palette entries and display a warning dialog. If Advanced Security is installed and the “Hide windows on palettes when denied security” option is enabled, the palette entry numbers are altered to allow this functionality to work. If Omni Notify’s code runs before the palette number is altered, it will check the incorrect palette entry for is validity.

To ensure this works correctly, Advanced Security must run its code first before Omni Notify does its checks. The order of the products listed in the DYNAMICS.SET launch file controls which application runs first. The latest builds of Omni Tools now have the following warning: “When both Advanced Security and Omni Tools are installed on a system, Advanced Security must appear before Omni Tools in the DYNAMICS.SET launch file. Please alter the launch file and relaunch the application”

To modify the DYNAMICS.SET launch file, right mouse click on it and select edit:

make sure the lines below
Omni Tools

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