The information here describes why the Essentials Solution installs when you install one of our other Business Apps. (i.e. Tax Processing, Recurring Billing, Software Management)

The reason the Essentials Solution is installed is because of some wonderful features that can be utilized by multiple Rockton Business Apps for Dynamics 365.  By having these features at the Essentials Solution, it acts as a base solution if you will for other products and allows any of the products to utilize the features.

The Essentials Solution contains the following entities:

  • Document Type – allowing users to create multiple document types.
  • Attachable Reports – allows you to generate a Word document report and attach it to an email.
  • Rockton License – stores registration keys and other setting information.
  • Metadata, system messages.
  • Workflow Triggers – for triggering timed workflows.
  • Workflow launcher – runs a custom workflow assembly to launch a workflow on child records.
  • Customer Address – for tracking multiple addresses.

These features can be utilized in our Tax Processing Solution as well as our Recurring Billing and Software Management Solutions.

A user might install Tax Processing or they may install Recurring Billing, or they may install both and use them together.  Either way, with the entities in the Essentials Solution, all products have access to the features and functionality.

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