Explains why there are plugins firing that start with, ‘OBSOLETE’ in some processes in the Business Apps, such as Tax Processing and Software Management.

More Information:

When Tax Processing was first designed, we calculated taxes using plugins.  This worked fine until we found these, coupled with other plugins, would occasionally cause some redundancies. We then found a new way to calculate the taxes, and  moved to using workflows. However,  since Dynamics 365 Solutions are mostly additive, we found if we removed these plugin SDK message processing steps, customers who attempted to upgrade would run into errors on the import. They would receive messages about the solution missing required components. New imports of the solution would work fine. We decided to remove all code behind these now OBSOLETE plugin steps, however, we could not easily remove them for customers who already had the solution installed.

While you might notice these plugins firing in system jobs, or see them in the solution itself,  there is no code behind them and it is not consuming extra resources.

If you would like you can deactivate these plugins, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Customize The System | SDK Message Processing Steps.
  2. Sort by Name.
  3. Select all the plugins that begin with ‘OBSOLETE’
  4. Click deactivate.

These steps are optional since there is no code behind them.

We are currently in the process of working with Dynamics 365 Patching to try and remove the plugin steps from the solution.

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