Explains how to remove a Business App. solution.


Rockton Software Business Apps. have a tight integration into Dynamics 365. If you wish to discontinue use of a Business App. you have installed, follow these steps to remove the solution.

  1. Remove any dependencies associated with our solutions that you may have added to an unmanaged solution. To do this, go to Settings | Customizations | Customize the System and then click on the area where you need to delete the dependency. For example, if you have created a workflow, and used a Rockton Workflow step, you would need to delete that step.

  1. Delete the solution under Settings | Solutions. Delete them in the following order.
    • Tax Processing
    • Software Management
    • Recurring Billing
    • Rockton Essentials

Note: If a dependency still exists, you will receive a message when you try to remove the solution. You will be unable to remove the solution until all dependencies are removed for that solution.

More Information:

Removing our Business Apps from Dynamics 365 will not affect any of the out of the box entities or fields within Dynamics 365. It will remove any values added to any fields within our Business App. The transactions will still exist, but any data in fields related to the Business App. will no longer exist.

Below are additional links regarding solutions and dependencies;

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