Registration Key Issue or Invalid

You have entered the Omni Price Registration Keys but they are showing as invalid.

The Registration Keys are sensitive to a number of factors and all must be correct for the keys to work.

There 4 main areas to check.

  1. The Site Name, Number of Users, Site Type, Authorized Phone Number and Microsoft Dynamics versions must match. The Site Name is case sensitive and must be character perfect, check for case, spaces or period (full stop) characters. This information is normally validated against the Microsoft Business Solutions VOICE database to ensure accuracy.
  2. The Dates and Modules selected must be entered correctly. The AEP Renewal Date is normally 1 or more years minus 1 day into the future from the Initial Registration Date. The Registration Period dates should be blank unless using a trial period. If trial keys were previously used and now permanent keys are being entered, don’t forget to remove the old trial Registration Period dates.
  3. Omni Price is sold as series so make sure all modules listed under the Active Modules section are marked.
  4. A typing error was made entering the keys, please recheck. The keys are in Hexi-decimal so they will only contain the characters 0-9 and A-F. You will receive a warning if entering any other characters in the latest builds.