How to get Omni Tools GP 9 settings into the Toolbox product in GP 2010

I’m upgrading Omni Tools from GP 9 to GP 2010. I understand Omni Tools has been integrated with your Dynamics GP Toolbox product. How do I get my Omni Tools GP 9 settings into the Toolbox product, in GP 2010?

If you are upgrading from GP 9 directly to GP 2010, bypassing GP 10, then upgrading to the GP Toolbox will not automatically inherit your set ups or settings. In order to have your same settings in the GP Toolbox, once you have installed the product you will need to manually re-create your set ups and settings.


Take notes or screen shots of each of your GP 9 version, Omni Tools windows. Make any special notes that will assist you when re-creating this information in the GP Toolbox.

  1. In GP 9, go to Tools | Setup | Omni Tools | Setup | Rockton Setup Window.
  2. Click on System Settings.
  3. On the System Settings window, note which selections you have checked and the Message to display to user when an error occurs, for each System Administrator user.
  4. Open the Omni Tools Control Panel and note which selections you have checked for each “Apply Settings to” choices.
  5. Open the Omni Password window and note which selections you have and the corresponding numbers for Days, Characters, Passwords and Times. Remember to also note the checkboxes at the bottom and the Options that apply to each one, by clicking on the Options button.
  6. The Omni Menu window feature has been discontinued in the GP Toolbox.
  7. Open the Omni Login window and note which selections you have checked and fields where data is entered. Remember to also note the Logging information by clicking on the Logging button.

After you have installed the GP Toolbox, recreate your Omni Tools settings and set ups as they apply:

  1. Go to Tools | Setup | Dynamics GP Toolbox | Dynamics GP Toolbox Setup. Double-click on System Settings.
  2. Locate the Password Policy Options and double-click to open. Recreate your settings for this window according to your notes.
  3. You will notice additional tabs such as TImeout, Lockout, etc. Look at each of the tabs and apply your settings based on your notes. Note that the Safe Login and Redirect tabs are two new functions. These functions are described in detail in the GP Toolbox Manual.
  4. To return to the System Settings main screen, click on the House icon in the upper left corner of the Dynamics GP Toolbox System Settings window. On the main screen you will see other settings that are familiar to Omni Tools, such as Login Logging, System Maintenance Lockout, and Auto Login. Double-click to open these windows to establish your settings as they apply.