The steps here will show you how to create an attachable report to add to a reminder rule.

You create a reminder rule on a reminder schedule, but you don’t see any attachable reports to select. Follow the steps below to create an attachable report.  The attachable report allows you to generate a Word Document report and attach it to an email. These steps assume you already have a Word Document to use.

Create an Attachable Report

  1. Open the Rockton License entity under Dynamics 365 | Sales | Settings | Solutions.
  2. Open the Recurring Billing solution.
  3. Click Configuration from the list and then click the Entities button.
  4. Click Attachable Reports.
  5. Click +New.
  6. Enter the Attachable Report Name.
  7. Enter the Report Technical Name.
  8. For the Output Name option choose Document Number.

Attach the Report to a Reminder Rule

  1. Open the Rockton Reminder Schedule entity under Dynamics 365 | Sales | Recurring Billing | Reminder Schedules.
  2. Open the Reminder Rule.
  3. On the Attachable Report field, use the lookup to select the Attachable Report.

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