Explains the steps to edit the Generate Reminder for Sales Documents dialog to generate Reminders for Active Sales Documents only.

More Information:

The steps below are for the manual process of generating a Sales Document or Invoice. If you are using automation to run the workflow, it will run against the View you selected during automation setup.

  1. Navigate to the Sales | Settings | Processes.
  2. Open the Generate Reminder for Sales Document dialog.
  3. Click the Deactivate button and click Deactivate on the Process Deactivate Confirmation message.
  4. Under Steps, click in the first line Page: Page to Pick Reminder Rule.
  5. Click the Insert button and select Before Step.
  6. Click Add Step | Check Condition.
  7. Add a Description to the condition such as: Check if Sales Document is Active.
  8.  Click If <condition> (click to configure) hyperlink.
  9. Select Sales Document, Status choose Equals, select and insert Inactive.
  10. Click OK.

  1. Save and Close the Condition.
  2. Click Select this row and click Add Step.
  3. Select Add Step | Stop Dialog.
  4. Enter the Description: Stop Dialog if Sales Document is not Active.

The window should look like the following:

  1. Click Save and then click the Activate button.  Click Activate from the Process Activate Confirmation prompt.
  2. Close the workflow.

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