Explains the steps to discontinue a Billing Schedule so that Customers no longer receive Invoices/Sales Documents.


If a customer would like to discontinue their Subscription Billing, you will want to ensure the Billing Schedule is flagged as such and that new sales documents/invoices are no longer generated. You will also want to prevent reminders from running on future Sales Documents/Invoice created from those Billing Schedules you are canceling.

  1. Deactivate any open Invoices/Sales Documents with a future date against which the Reminders will run.
    1. Go to Software Management | Invoices/Sales Documents.
    2. Open the document you wish to deactivate.
    3. Click Deactivate.

Note: If you have automated your Reminders, be sure the Workflow Launcher you created is using a view that excludes Inactive Sales Documents.

  1. Update the Billing Schedule.
    1. Go to Software Management | Billing Schedules.
    2. Open the Billing Schedule you wish to stop.
    3. Change the Duration Option field to Bill Specified Number of Invoices if not already
    4. Change the Remaining Invoice field to 0.
    5. In the Current Sales Document field, remove the value if it is not already blank.

  1. Update the Billing Lines.
    1. From the Billing Schedule, open a Billing Line.
    2. Change Is Billable to No.
    3. Click Save and Close.

Note: It may also be helpful to you to add custom fields to Billing Schedule such as Discontinue Date and Discontinue Reason. They may be used on dashboards and in views to help determine the churn rate.

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