Company in Title Bar

How can I get the Company name show up in the GP Title Bar?

This feature is controlled through the DEFAULTUSER Security task in GP 10 and later. You have the option to put this Operation under another Security Task if you choose to do so, but initially it will be found under the DEFAULTUSER task.


  1.   In GP go to Tools – Setup – System – Security Tasks
  2.   Select the DEFAULTUSER task ID
  3.   Choose System for the Category
  4.   Choose Default User Task Name
  5.   Choose Dynamics GP Toolbox (or Omni Tools) for the Product
  6.   Choose Tools for the Type
  7.   Choose 3rd Party for the Series
  8.   Check the box in the Operations list called “Company In Title Bar”
  9.   Click Save
  10.   Log out of GP, then log back into GP for the change to take affect