After installing the latest build of DRM, none of the reports will print




After installing the latest build of Dynamics Report Manager (DRM), none of the reports will print.




In the latest version of DRM, it is a required prerequisite to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed. If it is not installed, the Viewer will not work.



Follow these steps to ensure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 version or later installed:


  1. On the workstation, open Programs and Features.  


  2. Under the Name column, look for a program called Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or higher). Note:  Ensure it is the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or higher) Full version and not just the Client Profile or a streamlined installation.


  3. If you do not see it in the list of programs, open an Internet Browser search engine and search on: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Full. The results should provide you with a Microsoft link where you download the free program. You may also download it at assuming this link is still active at the time of this reading. Note: Use caution when downloading the program to ensure it is a safe and reliable source.


  4. Once you have downloaded it, run the setup executable (*setup.exe) file to install it. Note:  As part of the installation of the program, you may need to shut down and restart your computer as each system is different.


  5. Try printing your report again in DRM.