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As Dynamics GP gets older, you are left with a big financial and emotional question: stay or go? If you love it, don’t leave it — that’s what we say and we’ll tell you why. Our team of experts created five Dynamics GP add-on tools that address your concerns and make staying put more appealing than leaving. Join us on Tuesday, December 6th at 10 am MT to discover how Rockton can help you renovate your Dynamics GP experience.

5 Dynamics GP Renovations

How can we help you love Dynamics GP even more? Choose one or choose ’em all to work simpler & easier® In Dynamics GP.


Where is it? Find what you’re looking for 83% faster.


Track who did what renovation and where.

Dynamics GP Toolbox

27 renovation tools in one that improve the GP user experience

Omni Price

Discount on countertops? No problem.

Dynamics Report Manager

Manage and print all your reports in one place.

Who Should Renovate?

Any Dynamics GP user who wants to stay put in their home, a “Love It or List It” watcher, or a DIYer

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