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April is Add-on Month

You can take Project Cost to a whole new level with this additional functionality.

Time and Expense web-based tools allow users to log on from anywhere to record time and expense entries. The application uses .Net technologies, providing the look and feel of a business application rather than a static web form.

Periodic Actual Labor Cost permits the calculation of a separate average labor rate for each labor period, based on the salary paid divided by the total hours worked for the labor period to determine the Periodic Actual Labor Rate to be charged to all cost objectives. Designed to support FAR 31.201-4, DCAM 6-410.4, and 6-410.5. It also supports both GP Payroll & Outsourced Payroll services.

Join us on April 16 from 1:00-1:30 to see these two tools in action. Can’t make it……no worries……we will email you the recording.

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